10 simple ways to find email addresses for your email marketing

10 simple ways to find email addresses for your email marketing

Before finding email addresses for email marketing, keep yourself in the place of receiver and send yourself an email. After sending question yourself, does it look legit or spam? Is it valuable or just a time waste? Obviously, you’ll never open a spam email or a time waster. So, make sure to make it worthy. Now I’ll provide you with 10 simple ways to find email addresses for your email marketing. Here we go!

1. Facebook Ads – Who doesn’t use Facebook? Even kids in our generation knows how to use Facebook. Join groups, post valuable content and collect the emails. Make sure all the emails are legit and not a waste.

2. Newsletter Signup – If you’re having a website, create newsletter signup button where people will sign up for your newsletter by providing their email addresses. After creating the newsletter signup, promote it as much as you can. Only the interested ones will sign up, so make sure you provide them the value they’re looking for.

3. Giveaways – Host giveaways and promote them throughout your social media handles and your website, so more and more people can take part in it by signing up with their email. You just have to give the prize to a single person, but you can get hundreds of emails. Promote your service/product to them in a valuable way. Make sure your email is catchy.

4. Free digital products – Offer your customers a free digital product, like an eBook. The more people will download it the more email addresses you’ll get. This is one of the best ways, I’ve ever tried.

5. Gated Webinars – Hosting a gated webinar means, anyone who’s willing to watch your webinar has to register himself/herself with their respective emails. With this method, you’ll get viewers as well as emails for your business.

6. Buy emails – There are a lot of people on social media who are selling email database of millions of users, but make sure you buy the email addresses of your niche and not of the people who aren’t interested in your business.

7. Affiliate Marketing – Offer your current clients a great discount if they get their friends or anyone to signup.

8. Free email extractor software – There are many websites offering free email extractor, they’ll even market for you but they have their plans. According to me, this is really amazing. They have templates, which can convert a lead into a sale and they are really professional.

9. Facebook Page – Create a tab on your Facebook page and include an email signup form, Facebook is the most popular social media across the world.

10. Ask for it – Ask for the email address of your client by offering them your great services and offers. Don’t hesitate.

So, these were the 10 ways you can use to get email addresses for email marketing. I’ve personally tried all of them and they’re working perfect. Hope this will help you, to get more clients.