Baby diaper rash: What should parents do?

Diaper rash is one of the most common skin problems in babies and young children. How to care for and treat the diaper rash in newborns to ensure proper and safe?

What is diaper rash in children?

Diaper Rash is a skin lesion that appears in the skin of the diaper area and around the diaper area. The age of young people often suffer from diaper rash is born until under 3 years old. Most children in the first 3 years of life experience diaper rash at least once, concentrating in the period of 9 months to 12 months. This is the stage when children sit a lot, skin is often exposed to diapers, and children also begin to eat solid foods that cause intestinal peristalsis changes in acidity.

#Why are babies having a diaper rash?

Children often suffer from diaper rash due to some main reasons such as:

The skin friction

Friction at the diaper area is one of the main causes of diaper rash. Children’s skin is usually very sensitive, only one-fifth as thick as an adult, so when skin rubs with wet diapers, diaper rash can be caused. The skin will become flushed, rash and shiny on skin friction areas.


The skin under the diaper is irritated by irritants in the diaper, such as the child’s stool, urine, irritation by deodorants, odor in diapers, and irritation with cleansers when cleansing the skin diapers. These factors can cause irritation, irritation, redness and discomfort, especially at the folds of the diaper skin.

Candida fungal infection

School rashes due to candidiasis, yeast infections can also lead to diaper rash in children. Diaper rash is usually bright red, itchy and uncomfortable. This fungus is more likely to appear in wet skin areas, including areas of diaper skin.

Allergic reaction

Allergic skin reactions are often related to a number of factors such as wipes, diaper material, detergent residue, discharge, soap residue, lotion, and fiber composition in the material. Of children.

How to handle diaper rash in newborns

Diaper rash is not a serious disease, can be improved after a short time. However, when the child has diaper rash, parents should not be subjective but should pay attention to early and proper treatment to restore the child’s skin area soon, heal.

1. Clean baby properly

For children with diaper rash, proper cleaning is important. Parents need to pay attention to cleaning the baby right after going to the toilet to avoid contaminants that irritate the baby’s skin. Use warm water when cleaning and dry the skin around the diaper area before changing to a new diaper, avoiding the wet area of the skin. During cleaning, it is necessary to be gentle to avoid milling your baby’s skin.

2. Use diapers properly

When using baby diapers, parents should choose a good diaper, a soft, gentle diaper. Diapers should be changed when feeling wet before and after feeding, the frequency of changing babies can range from 4-6 pieces a day. The older the child is, the more frequent the frequency of urination is, not as often as the young children.

3. Do not abuse wet towels?

Some ingredients in a wet towel can cause dry skin. Therefore, parents should not abuse wet towels too often when cleaning their skin. Priority should be given to wet towels that do not contain alcohol and do not have an odor. Before and after using baby hygienic wet towels, parents also need to wash their hands thoroughly.

4. Do not abuse chrome powder?

Chalk is one of the products that keep the skin smooth and limit itching. However, parents should not abuse chrome powder because it can make the diaper area more severe.

5. be careful when skin has pus

The areas of skin rash with pus, severe diaper rash cream should limit the application of cream to avoid more severe damage. Only gentle hygiene measures should be used or, preferably, in accordance with the doctor’s instructions.

6. Some other notes

Anti-rash cream can be used for mild diaper rash. Priority should be given to products with natural ingredients.

Do not arbitrarily use corticosteroid-containing therapeutic preparations to limit more severe inflammation in the affected skin. You can consult your doctor to use products containing zinc oxide, hydrocarbon extracts to prevent diaper rash.