Hiking tours in Armenia: in the mountains in search of Noah’s Ark

Armenia is an amazing country, incredibly beautiful. Mountain, gorges, rivers, forests, waterfalls: everything that nature has created is harmoniously combined with centuries-old creations of Armenian people. The hospitality of Armenia is amazing. The traveler is always a welcome guest in every Armenian home. You can talk about Armenia for a long time, but it’s better to see yourself. I am sure that in the course of alluring hiking tours in Armenia, you will get unforgettable impressions, imbued with sacral energy of Armenia.


We’ll drive towards wonderful Lake Sevan, from where will begin our fascinating hiking in Armenia. We’ll visit Sevanavank Monastery, located on a peninsula of Lake Sevan and from which opens a panoramic view of Lake Sevan. However, we can enjoy an even more interesting panoramic view of Sevan when we go up to the mountains. Also, we’ll climb the rocky mountains, from which view of Sevan and Geghama mountains will become more beautiful.

On the way, we’ll encounter bizarre cliffs, fabulous forests, and glades, a variety of delicious aromas of mountain flowers and mountain herbs that can be collected and prepared flavored healthy tea! We will see and enjoy the ruins of ancient monasteries and settlements, fabulous cyclopean stones, caves and rocks, magical mountain forests with ancient oaks, life-giving and refreshing rivers and springs, mineral springs and a lake formed from them.

We’ll overcome amazing Gegham Mountain, behind which is Lake Sevan, on the other side of powerful and wise Mount Miapor, beautiful Karktasar Mount saturated with sacred energy. In the process of hiking in Armenia, in addition to the delightful nature, we will come across ancient burial mounds, ruins of ancient settlements and medieval khachkars. Besides sobering and overwhelming happiness of energy and panoramic views of surroundings, which are breathtaking, we will have another surprise! We’ll see ruins of a megalithic fortress and many ancient shrines, for example, Hin Getikvank. Getikavank monastery was rebuilt in the 4th-5th centuries from the Zoroastrian temple, as evidenced by the huge stones laid in its foundation.


We’ll get acquainted with the ancient fortress Akhchkaberd or Kaen Berd. Akhchkaberd is located under the mountain Mirror, which is the highest point of the Tavush region of Armenia (2993m). Also, on the way, you can visit Kaptavank Monastery, which is strong in energy. While making hiking tours in Armenia you’ll see magical, strong architectural monuments and flamboyant sights of Armenia.

You can see world-famous pagan temple: the fortress of Garni, which was built in the 1st century AD, ruins of ancient high monastery Avuts Tar (X century), Lake Vishapalich (1100m.). There are many monuments of history and culture in the cities of Yerevan and Vagharshapat, which are protected by UNESCO. You should also see Khor Virap Monastery: from Khor Virap opens up a stunning mountain landscapes and snow-capped sacred Mount Ararat.

Armenia trekking tours: gorgeous suggestions

Armenia trekking tours in Dilijan will be a perfect solution: flamboyant resort town northeast of Yerevan. Due to wooded landscapes and alpine grasslands, it’s famed as “Armenian Switzerland.”

Lake Parz which is 15 km from Dilijan is also a beauteous idea for Armenia trekking. After bypassing several small streams, you find yourself in ample meadows, proffering a magnificent sight of the Ijevan mountain range.

The road passes through glades and leads to the Gosh village, whence you can already observe dignified Goshavank Monastery of the 12th century. Monastery got its name in honor of outstanding scholar Mkhitar Gosh, who partake in the construction.

Mount Azhdahak is the highest point of the Geghama Range (3597 m). At the top of the mountain is a crater with a lake of startling goodliness: marvelous lake in Armenia all year round filled with abundant icy and clean waters.

Climbing this picturesque mountain will be captivating for tourists who love eco-tourism, vivid landscapes, alpine grasslands, and cool nippy air.

Armenia trekking: majestic sights of Armenia

Amberd is another marvelous Armenian sightseeing place. The track starts from Lake Kari (3190 m). From here the magnificent view of Mount Ararat and Ararat valley is especially alluring.

We can transfer to the volcano Vayots Sar (2577 m). This mountain is a volcano, the last eruption was about 4000 years ago. You can also visit the University of Gladzor, founded in 1282, and Tanaatvank (Black monastery).

Mount Aragats (4090m) is the highest point of Armenia, located 40 km from Yerevan. This defunct volcano covers an area of 200 km2 and has a crater 350 meters deep.

The geographical conditions and climate of Armenia are impeccable for fanciers of vigorous and extreme rest. Armenia trekking tours are especially sought-after, as Armenia has a variegated flora and fauna, withal amazing landscapes. Travelers assert that Armenia is pertinent concretely for trekking and hiking. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that Armenia trekking is obtaining more trendiness among tourists. So Armenia is waiting for you!

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