Infowiz Chandigarh reviews the top AI trends in 2019

Ever since the first glimpse of its capabilities in Hollywood, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the buzz word across almost every industry due to the endless possibilities and corresponding expectations. Over the years, researchers and technical experts have been working on multiple facets of the technology and developing subsequent application. Considering the beta stages, challenges, and major breakthroughs, experts at Infowiz, a training institute based in Chandigarh, list the top AI trends in 2019:

Facial Recognition

Topping the charts is Facial Recognition, an AI application that has transformed the security and customization quotient of daily activities. As the name suggests, it analyzes the features of an individual’s face and identifies them. But, why is it the leading 2019 trend?

Companies like Facebook and Apple have been developing products based on this technology that simplifies user identification on the social media platform and enhances the security and accessibility in mobiles respectively. Rising concerns of personal as well as criminal security and existing associated domains like biometric will receive an upgrade in the form of facial recognition.

Deep learning

A derivative of machine learning, AI’s distinguished algorithm, deep learning enables a machine to handle large amount of data as input and solve complex algorithmic and technical problems similar to the human brain. A combination of neural networks take input and analyze patterns to determine the possible outcomes which help in enhancing user interaction.

Remember Alexa and Google Home? Or the fascination about self-driven cars? Deep learning forms the nucleus of all these inventions.

Reinforcement learning

A relatively new term, reinforcement learning works on a unique principle that sets it apart from its supervised or non-supervised counterparts. Player vs computer games feature the most substantial application of this method, as of now. Experts at Infowiz say that with the help of AI and cascaded decision making, the environment is repetitively observed with different possibilities so that the algorithm learns to choose the best course of action while keeping in mind the user input.

Extensive research and pilot projects are in the pipeline as of now and by the end of 2019, it will not be a surprise to see this trend emerge in industries like education, finance, and healthcare with respect to personalized learning for individuals, stock market, and treatment policies determination respectively.

So, now that you know the trends, how about diving a little deeper and switching to the developer side instead of observer? Explore various courses on artificial intelligence today!