Lesser-Known Facts You Should Know About All-on-4 Dental Implants

Why select All-on-4 over dentures

Nowadays, dental implants become the perfect solution to the smiling woes of a number of people. At Fitzroy Dental, you will be offered the best all-on-4 dental implants in London and that too at an unbeatable rate. If your teeth are falling off then undergo this extraordinary dental treatment to transform your smile within a few hours.

Before undergoing this, go through this blog to obtain a clear picture of this dental treatment.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

Who are eligible for this dental implant?

Before undergoing this permanent dental solution, you are supposed to check your eligibility. You can undoubtedly undergo it if;

  • You have loose dentures affecting your quality of life
  • You are experiencing tooth loss due to periodontal disease
  • You have suffered from jawbone loss which results in falling off your teeth
  • You have failed bridges and crowns with additional extraction-needed loose teeth
  • You don’t have enough bone to undergo the normal dental implants

How this dental implant performs?

In this particular treatment, 4 titanium dental implants are taken and secured in varied angles with the jawbone to offer ten-tooth bridge support. During the implementation of the implants, artificial teeth will also be placed.

It will let you to stay free from the dentures and it gets inserted securely to the jawbone it will function as normal teeth do. As patients can undergo the same day implants, it has earned another nickname- “smile in a day”.

How is it different from the normal dental implants?

Generally, 6-10 implants are required for traditional dental implants. But all-on-4 promotes the implementation of 4 implants only and that too at varied angles. Rather than 90o angle used by normal implants, it considers to use 45o for the proper fusion within the jawbone. Due to the use of less number of implants, the recovery is quite fast with minimal invasion.

different from the normal dental implants

Why select All-on-4 over dentures?

Appealing of the dental implants over dentures is often neglected by some people just because implants are more expensive in contrast to dentures. Remember, all-on-4 implants eliminates the hassle associated with your missing teeth. Given below are a few ways by which it can offer you a better dental solution in the long-term.

A permanent solution for your missing teeth for a long-term

As falling of teeth causes by weakening of the bridge and periodontal disease, all-on-4 offers permanent as well as long-term solution over dentures.

Confidence is improved

Dentures come with lots of difficulty whilst eating or talking that affects your self-confidence level severely. All-on-4 eliminates the issue and provides you with a bright, wonderful and confident smile.

You can continue with your favourite eating options

Dentures will redesign your diet chart due to the difficulty in chewing! Switching to all-on-4 removes such remodelling and you can eat any of your favourite eating options whenever you want.

Why select All-on-4 over dentures

What’s involved in its procedure?

  1. At first, you have to consult with an Implant Dentist to check and discuss whether you are suitable for this dental solution or not. You may raise your concerns regarding All-on-4 dental implants at the same time.
  2. Then you will be proceeded to perform the imaging and CT scan for better diagnose of your dental health. This will help your dentist to prepare the digital 3D treatment plan of the process too. It will ensure the safety and accuracy of the treatment procedure as well. You may ask any question regarding the look of the new set of teeth.
  3. If you are found suitable to the permanent teeth, then the detail of the treatment plan will be offered. It will include the preparation of the implant site protocol along with the extraction of your teeth.
  4. At last, your appointment will be made to perform the all-on-4 dental implants. Some additional time will be offered for your relaxation post-surgery. Within a couple of hours you will be normal again and set back to your everyday life again.
  5. Once the implants get fused into the jawbone, last fixed bridge will be fitted on completion of 6 months after the surgery.

Implant Dentist

Outstanding benefits of this dental implant

A number of benefits are there for you with the All-on-4 Dental Implants. Some of them are mentioned below for your reference:

  • Implementation of the implants will be performed on the very same day of removal of the teeth. This means denture is not required and you can set back to your normal life with a new smile.
  • Normal implants complete after 6-10 implants. On the other hand, all-on-4 is of shorter term with rapid recovery which will lead you to set back to your normal life again. Also, you can eat your favourite foods soon.
  • This dental implant never falls out of slips off! Even, you don’t need the denture glue to keep it firm to its own position.
  • If you have receding jawbone due to tooth loss then separate bone augmentation is required. But with all-on-4 dental implant there is no such need and saves your additional expense of bone grafting.
  • All-on-4 dental implant structure is sufficed stable and comfortable. It is designed in such a meticulous way so that optimal support can be imposed to dental bridges and crowns as well.
  • It is much identical to traditional implants in terms of the permanent fixation thereby eliminating the removal procedure. You can treat it as the normal teeth and ensure its proper care with the help of regular flossing and brushing. Your dentist may provide you a specific tool for flossing too!
  • Being a permanent solution, it is highly cost-efficacy that offers you with an impressive as well as confident smile.

Outstanding benefits of this dental implant

What’s about its aftercare?

Generally, patients will experience general discomfort and swelling for a couple of days post-dental implants. However, the biggest advantage you can get with all-on-4 dental implants is it can be done with minor operation. As a result, it offers minimal disruption in everyday life of the patients.

Even it has been noticed that patients have been set back to their professional life the very next day of undergoing this surgery. In contrary to dentures, it possesses more comfort and stability by abolishing the essentiality of adjustment and serves you for the rest of your life.

During the recovery period of same day all-on-4 dental implants in London, you have to visit your dentist regularly to get the important advice on your eating choices. Initially, you will be advised to stick to the soft less-chewy foods and as the implants get fused into the jawbone, you can retain your normal eating options.

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