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Myths and Misconceptions about IVF

Myths and Misconceptions about IVF

Myths and Misconceptions about IVF

A methodology, which gives the joy to infertile couples become parents, of their own child, is known as In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). IVF has proved to be a blessing to humans by doctors. India has gained popularity in IVF services and the market can reach 800 million by the year 2022. But there are still some people who don’t consider IVF as an option for fertility because of the myths and misconceptions among people.

There are a lot of positive and negative things said about fertility and egg freezing and we know that we can’t scrutinize through all of that. So here we are, your fertility adviser from Mishka IVF center in Jaipur to break some commonly believed myths and misconceptions about IVF.

What is IVF?

IVF stands for, In vitro fertilization, it is a process that includes the fertilisation of a woman’s egg with sperm outside the human body. The process in which a woman’s ovulatory process is monitored later on process includes the removal of a woman’s egg or ovum from the ovary and fertilising it with sperm in a particular liquid. After that fertilised egg goes again into the embryo, it cultures for about 2 to 6 days. It is then meticulously planted in the woman’s uterus for successful pregnancy results.

Why is In-Vitro Fertilization done?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a viable solution for infertility and genetic problems of the human body. If your partner is suffering from the following issues, then IVF is a cure for that.

  • Fallopian tube damage
  • Ovulation Disorders
  • Impaired sperm production
  • Unexplained Fertility
  • Previous tubal removal and
  • Genetic Disorder

Surrogacy is different!!!

Women not having a functional uterus or for whom pregnancy can possess a health risk can opt for IVF with the help of another person to carry their pregnancy in which a woman’s egg after fertilising with sperm is kept in another person’s uterus. It is a 100% genuine and reliable process.

Myths and Misconceptions About In-Vitro Fertilisation

There are many misconceptions about IVF or fertility treatment. We have carefully tried to explain the process and clear all the doubts regarding infertility. Many consider the treatment to be unsafe, costly and even inappropriate but, the rising number of happy couples from the treatment share another side of the story. The few misconceptions are:

  1. IVF Process Causes Cancer

Various studies proved with the scientific literature that IVF is not the reason for cancer in someone’s body. Not even a single test showed that ovarian stimulation causes cancer. However, there is another allegation that it might cause ovarian tumor but this is also a myth. The ovarian tumor can be easily diagnosed and can be treated timely maintaining fertility.

  1. It Diminishes Ovarian Productivity

It is a myth that IVF destroys your ovarian reserve, which means it diminishes your ability to make eggs.

Normally, one single egg undergoes ovulation and the others die. But with IVF, each of the eggs which is recruited naturally in the same month gets stimulated and they all get

a chance to mature. And the rest of the eggs remain the same and unaffected which are in the ovary for the menstrual cycle.

  1. IVF Increases the Risk of Multiple Pregnancies

You usually deliver twins or triplets with IVF!!.. If we keep aside the misconception that IVF increases the chance of multiple pregnancies, then it is the only process in which you can control the number of embryos implanted. The other treatments like oral and injected medications give no options for controlling multiple pregnancies. You can easily choose the number of embryos transfer as per your choice and priority. The choice for a successful singleton pregnancy is in demand in today’s environment.

  1. It is For Young Partners

We can say that age group can be a factor on which an individual’s fertility depends but IVF is a procedure that is effective in ladies of the post-menopausal group as well as on young ones. But it should be kept in mind that the maternity rates in younger females are higher than the old ones.

  1. IVF is Not Safe and Good for Health

This misconception comes in every female before going for IVF. But IVF is a safe treatment and out of 100 females, only two stands the chance of becoming unwell from the procedure.

  1. Infertility is Just a Female Problem.

Infertility is Just a Female Problem

Causes of Infertility

This is a common misconception where it has been assumed that infertility is only due to female inability to be fertile. The reason can also be low sperm count, improper intimation process, or even the weight. Please refer to the doctor before playing allegation on anyone.

  1. The Success Rate is Very Low in IVF

The myth about IVF is that people think that the success rate for this process is very low. But it’s not true.

Usually, the chance of getting pregnant for an infertile woman is 4% and the success rate for In Vitro Fertilisation is not low and the chances of getting a baby is much more as compared to the normal process. Even a woman of age above 40 stands a chance of having a baby through IVF treatment.

IVF can be beneficial for many couples

  • IVF is the option which comes when all other treatments fail. In some cases, before coming to IVF a couple opts for many treatments but don’t get success.
  • The other useful thing to know is that it doesn’t require the same body for further process. It can be done by surrogacy or gestational carriers in which the fertilised egg is kept under another woman’s uterus.
  • By IVF you can control the timing of the pregnancy. Couples with a unique lifestyle and carriers can choose the time when they want to be pregnant.
  • IVF is a new technology which helps in ensuring that the baby is healthy. It increases the chances of having a healthy baby as compared to normal pregnancy.
  • It is a process for fertility in which the chances of miscarriage are lesser than the normal pregnancy and women can enjoy a healthy pregnancy throughout.

Mishka IVF Centre – The best IVF Center in Jaipur

Mishka IVF centre provides reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialists which offers the latest and unique technologies and methodology to increase the possibilities of conception. At Mishka IVF, we understand the physical, mental and emotional inferiority of a person and deliver the best hospitality, and offer the best treatment options.

  1. We provide specialty services like infertility evaluations and treatments which are specially designed for female’s comfort level.
  2. Evaluation of male semen analysis for more details about male infertility factor.
  3. Our team includes gynaecologist and obstetrics but also provides other amenities like financial counselling, nursing and embryology.
  4. The treatment process is designed rigorously keeping in mind the medical condition, budget and the hospitality they require.

Is IVF a Painful Process?

Whenever a person goes under the IVF process, then questions like these naturally occur in their mind- is the process painful, how much time it takes and a lot more. But the fact is that the IVF process can be painful for some people. As each person responds to the process differently and due to this it is a possibility that they may experience pain.

Things to Know about IVF Methodology

  1. The average cost for IVF in Jaipur ranges around 2,50,000 INR per cycle but it can increase up to 4,50,000 INR. It usually differentiates because of the location, age and sperm/egg costs.
  2. If you’re going for IVF, make sure that your treatment consists of all blood tests, fertility drugs, and ultrasound.
  3. Choose expert doctors and fertility clinics by keeping in mind the reviews.
  4. Always be prepared for doublets and triplets as the chances increase in IVF.
  5. Be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally because it is something very challenging and requires patience and support.

But with the advancements in technology and research, we can say that IVF is the best choice for treating infertility. Today we have some very efficient methods for treating infertility with fewer risks and in addition, you can choose the best embryos for getting pregnant. By proper understanding and trust, you can trust IVF for your happiness.

When it comes to bypass surgeries and transplants, people discuss and share with people to motivate them but when it comes to IVF, people are still shy and they still hesitate before uttering a word. It is important to encourage people to speak and share about it in public. And make IVF a successful and prior option for treating infertility in future.