Not to Miss Things To Do in Bhutan from South to North in 10 Days

Bhutan is a small country in south-eastern Asia that is gifted with utter brilliance of Himalayas. The natural beauty, simplicity, and purity of Bhutan make it the last existing “Shangri-La” of this world. Being the only carbon-free country, this place attracts the attention of tourists.

Bhutan tourism believes in providing a rich experience to every visitor which makes it even a more desirable destination! Bhutan houses some of the best monasteries built on highest mountain peaks and traditionally constructed temples. Along with it, there are endless activities that provide a very distinct experience to the visitors. 

There are some exciting things which you should never miss while visiting Bhutan. Starting from South to North, Bhutan has lots of interesting activities that are worth trying! Here is the list of not to miss things which you should include in your 10-day trip to Bhutan: 

  1. Trek to the Himalayan Mountains:

How could we not talk about trekking while discussing a destination like Bhutan that is settled in the Himalayas? With the snow-covered mountains, green pastures, natural landscapes, dense forests, and beautiful lakes, Bhutan offers a very good opportunity of undertaking a challenging trek.

Whether you are a beginner, an expert or somewhere in between, the stunning mountains of Bhutan have a suitable trekking trail for you! If you want to experience the most unspoiled and beautiful parts of the country then, you have to try some tough treks. Every trek holds a unique prominence and introduces you to something new about Bhutanese culture.

  1. Explore an Unknown Remote Village:

Solitude seekers should pay a visit to any of the beautiful and quaint villages of Bhutan. Here, you will find the simplest villagers who follow the ancient traditions and values strictly. Meeting them is a must if you wish to acquaint with the core of Bhutanese culture and traditions. The level of hospitality and friendliness of village folks will definitely overwhelm you! 

Lend your ears to their traditional stories and indulge in their day-to-day activities; everything you will do here gives you an out-of-the-world experience.  Spend a night and dine with a local family to know them in a better way.

  1. Raft through the Gently Floating Rivers:

Rafting in Bhutan is very much different from normal rafting which you must have tried at other destinations. Instead of fighting the fierce rapids, you would flow slowly and steadily amidst the gentle waves of Po Chu and Mo Chu River in Bhutan. 

Yes, you don’t have to focus on the rushing water waves or your balance while rafting here. The slow rapids will give you a chance to immerse in the beautiful scenarios of mountains, monasteries and colorful birds. 

  1. Indulge in Bhutanese Festivities: 

Various communities and religions of this world express happiness in their own unique ways. Although celebrations are the part of every culture still, folks of Bhutan have another level of exhibiting their happiness on Bhutanese festivals. Become a part of celebrations like Tshechu, and you will know it.

People of Bhutan organize grand events on the cultural festivals and collect together to witness religious mask dances performed by monks. In addition, these events provide a great opportunity for socializing with others. You can indulge in these festivities as Bhutanese people celebrate these all year-round!

  1. Visit Ancient Monasteries and Dzongs:

You can’t miss witnessing the marvelous ancient architecture of Bhutan on your trip. The forts, famously known as Dzongs, and the monasteries are the central tourists’ attractions in Bhutan. The Buddhist monasteries provide an entire distinct specimen of Bhutanese life housing the monks that have rejected all the worldly pleasures for the sake of religion.

Their daily schedule of waking up early, chanting prayers, devoting time for the care of nature and leading people towards truth and Buddhism will increase your respect for them. People crave for the peace that you will derive while sitting in the courtyard of a monastery! Visit the top monasteries and Dzongs such as Taktsang Monastery, Rinpung Dzong Monastery, Cheri Monastery, Tango Monastery, Trongsa Dzong, Paro Dzong, and Punakha Dzong.

  1. Climb The Tough Himalayan Rocks:

Bhutan is the best place to feel the real thrill of rock climbing. The high peaks, tricky mountains and unexpected challenges of the Himalayan Mountains will surely boost your adrenaline rush as you climb them. There is a special mountain known as the Nose located above Thimpu where people can do rock climbing. 

You need to contact a climbing club that will provide you with all the necessary equipment, training, and permits of climbing in this area. You get a chance to choose from thirteen different climbing routes that have distinct difficulty levels. The marvelous vistas will infuse a new motivation in you to reach the top!

  1. Walk Over Punakha Suspension Bridge:

Located near the famous Punakha Dzong, Punakha Suspension Bridge is the longest suspension bridge of Bhutan. The crystal clear water of Po Chu River flowing below it and the surrounding mountains form a sight that every traveler should see! 

Well, if you are afraid of the shakiness of long suspension bridges then, worry not. Despite being the longest bridge, this doesn’t shake even a little bit! So, you can lose yourself in the alluring sceneries while walking on Punakha Bridge. 

  1. Soothe Yourself with a Hot Spring Bath:

Have you ever tried to soak yourself into a hot water spring? If not then, this is your chance! Bhutan has lots of hot springs that are spread throughout the country. This is the favorite place of locals as well as tourists in the winter months. 

Apart from relaxing the body, this water also holds some miraculous healing properties. So, people come here not only to enjoy a hot bath but, also to get rid of diseases like body ache and sinus. The landscapes of forest and mountains enhance the charm of taking an outdoor bath here!

So, book your tickets and flee to Bhutan as Bhutan tourism is waiting to host you!