Vacations are a lot more enjoyable when you have all the family members with you. If you have a dog that the kids are attached to, do not leave it behind. Without the pet, the kids will worry about its well-being. It is not wise to leave your dog with the neighbors when it too can enjoy the holidays with you. There are cabin rentals where the pet can stay with you without any fuss over size or breed.

The dog will protect you from strangers in an unfamiliar place. There are log cabin homes in the North Georgia Mountains that are pet-friendly. Dogs of any size and breed are welcome at these locations. The cabins have the special fenced yards and netted decks where the dog can stay comfortable throughout the trip.

At the hotels, there are breed and size restriction and they want only well-trained dogs at their location. While at a cabin rental you can bring any size, dog trained or not. Leave it running around in its own space and when you want to dine out or go out hiking put it on a leash.

It is advisable to research online to find pet-friendly cabins as it will make the trip more memorable. If you have are retriever, it will love to retrieve fish you catch in the nearby lakes. It can also go swimming with you in the mornings if you like. There are many sites you can find online that help you train the pet for travel. If you intend to drive, make sure the pet is hydrated and has the basic obedience training.

Your four-legged friends are welcome at all pet-friendly cabins in Ellijay and Blue Ridge. They will receive complimentary beds, beach towels, food and water bowls, and treats. When you restrict pets, they can get distressed. Allowing the pet to roam around free in the fenced yard will keep it happy.

At hotels, the management requires a deposit for pet stay while at a cabin all dogs can stay at no extra charge. So when you are planning a trip look for cabins online instead of hotels. With hotels, you have to follow a lot of rules that can be disturbing. Getting up early to leave the room for the maids to clean can be annoying if you want to sleep in. When you stay at a cabin it is like a home away from home where no rules dictate you. You can get up whenever you like and go out or stay in as much as you like. The cabin home will also keep all in the family connected under the same roof. There are no such hotel rooms that accommodate a group of 4-5 people. This separates the family and destroys the basic spirit of a family holiday.

In Blue Ridge, there are the designer series cabins that boast modern amenities. These cabins have been specially designed for visitors to the area. Some lend 360-degree views of the glorious Blue Ridge Mountains that are covered with wood. Autumn is a good time to visit when all the leaves turn colors. There are many festivals and events in Blue Ridge that attract tourists. When you plan the trip check the events calendar so you can get the most from the trip. Plan to go to the downtown area to check out the antique shops. There are traces of an Appalachian culture that you will like to discover in the charming boutique shops there. Kids will love a trip to the nearby museum where they can learn more about the history of the area.

The local marina is where you will find the locals and tourists enjoying boating and other water sports. Plan to spend a good 3-4 hours there. Onsite you will find a restaurant where you can enjoy lunch and dinner. The onsite bar serves beer, wine, and cocktails.

Whitewater rafting is popular in Blue Ridge and Ellijay. There are many locations where you can try this new sport. Instructors are readily available to give you some quick tips. You can take your dog along on boating and rafting if you like. Make sure the pet is hydrated and take some water along so you can give him a drink every 30 minutes.

Buy a life jacket for the pet and make sure it fits well. Since dogs get scared of a new environment do introduce him to the boat or the raft before you embark on the journey. Some pet owners carry a first aid kit for their pets while they travel. It includes tweezers, icepack, gauze rolls, medicated tape, hydrogen peroxide and so forth. If you plan to go on hiking and picnics take the kit along. There are many scenic waterfalls in the area that attract locals and tourists alike. It will be a new experience for the family to have a picnic near the waterfalls for a few hours.

If you like wine, there are plenty of wine tasting opportunities that do not want to miss. Sit in a scenic setting and delight in the vistas sipping on a variety of locally made house wines. Some wineries also have full-fledged restaurants and apple picking festivals that you may not want to miss.

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