RFID Tags With High Temperature


There are several kinds of RFID Tags but here I would like to discuss high-temperature RFID Tags. What are high temperatures RFID Tags?  The high-temperature RFID Tags are named UHF RFID Tags which could be fixed on any surface. Mostly UHF RFID Tags is used for long-range reader purpose.

DO RFID Reader is the most advanced company in China manufacturing RFID Tags with the highest quality. DO RFID Reader is operating under the DO RFID group. DO RFID Reader is not only manufacturing tags but also offering products like long range uhf reader, long-range RFID readers and medium-range RFID readers. The UHF RFID Tags are manufactured by the RFID tags have the following features as mentioned below:

  1. It includes of EPC C1 Gen2 certified by ISO18000 6C protocol
  2. You can fix it on any type of surface within the boundaries of the long-range reader.
  3. It works in the reader range of 10m maximum.

DO RFID High-temperature tags has multiple features and factors to meet any business needs or requirements with RFID Application. The main feature of high-temperature Tags is resistant against heat, bearing high pressure and corrosive chemicals.

There is a great demand for high temperatures in the business where objects, materials, products processed under high pressure or high temperature. Every business wants to track & record the information related to anything in or out and high-temperature RFID tags enable them to meet their compliance requirements efficiently effectively and with a desired level of accuracy. This is the main reason DO RFID Reader is developing an innovative and highest quality high-temperature tags that work under high temperature and pressure with efficiency.

Where is the application of high-temperature RFID Tags?

High-temperature tags used in the manufacturing process, medical industry and automotive paint booths. There are many types of high-temperature RFID Tags available in the market with the lowest quality and less resistant to heat and pressure. But the high-temperature tag by DO RIFD performs with accuracy in the high temperature and works well in the high pressure.

The high-temperature tags by DO RFID Reader work under the temperature of 230 degrees C. The high-temperature feature and readability up to 10 m makes the RFID Tags the best product in the eyes of customers.

DO RFID Reader manufacture high-temperature tags after several deployments and testing under temperature from 30 degrees C to 230 degrees C. Each piece of High temperature is carefully manufactured and gives the results accordingly.

DO RFID Reader offering the product with the highest quality and lowest price in the market. The customer does not enjoy the low price but also the highest quality while recording or storing the data on tags in an efficient manner.

Do you want to know about the primary application of High-temperature RFID tags?

Now let us move toward the primary applications:

  1. Use in the car production lines heavily benefiting from this technology.
  2. For Warehouse Rack Management.
  3. For the management of assets.
  4. For the management of vehicles or logistics.

Hope you have understood the benefits of high-temperature RFID tags benefits. As a business, a one-time investment in RFID Tags with DO RFID Reader could help you to track and record the information in an efficient manner.