Top things to do while you are travelling in Sikkim

Top things to do while you are travelling in Sikkim

Located in the lap of Himalayas, Sikkim is one of the most beautiful gems of India. Nature has showered bountiful love on this Indian state by blessing it with amazing weather, immaculate valleys, untouched cliffs, and appealing views. People from all over the world come here to witness this beauty. 

Being the least populous state in the country, tourists can enjoy a great time here away from the crowd of other cities. Sikkim is one of the most favorite destinations for adventure junkies as it offers numerous fun-packed activities. Even tourists buy Sikkim tour packages to be a part of these thrilling activities.

Are you also planning your trip to Sikkim and thinking about what to do? Well, we are here to assist you in this matter. Our travel experts have listed the top activities that will make your trip experience awesome! 

  1. Trek at Goecha La:

The list should start with trekking for a beautiful mountainous state like Sikkim. The mountains range covering most of the part of Sikkim open opportunities of amazing treks for the trekkers. The Goecha La trekking trail is only meant for the thrill-seeking souls who can take up challenges. But as you know, the more difficult trek offers you a better opportunity of having fun! 

So, this can be your best trekking experience without any doubt. The passage is full of natural surprises such as green grazing lands, dense forests and deep blue lakes. Goecha La trek starts from Yuksom (5,700 ft. high) and ends at a 13,693 ft. high peak. The view from the top surely worth your efforts! 

  1. Cable Car Ride in Gangtok:

You can’t miss this activity whether you are a solo traveler, traveling with family or exploring Sikkim with your life partner. This is must activity for all! Enjoy the bird’s eye view of entire Gangtok town while zipping through the ropeway in the cable car. The vistas of majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga will give you an out of the world kind of feeling which is difficult to express in words! This cable ride starts from Deorali Bazar and proceeds to Tashiling.

  1. Go for Bird Watching at Kewzing:

Mingle with nature by indulging into the bird watching at the dense Kewzing forests. If you have never spotted birds curiously even then, you will love this place! Birds of all colors, all sizes and maybe more than you have ever seen in your life are waiting for you at Kewzing. Yes, this destination is home to 200 species of birds. Along with the native birds, you can also spot rare species such as Pheasants of eastern Himalayas. Get ready to greet some other birdies as well like Sultan Tit, Satyr Tragopan, Streaked Spiderhunter, Fire-Tailed Myzornis, and Babbler. Shhhh; watch them quietly unless you want them to fly away!

  1. Ride a Yak at Changu Lake:

Changu Lake is situated at an altitude of 12,400 ft. and surrounded by enthralling snow-capped Himalayan Cliffs. Being one of the highest lakes in India, it remains frozen in winters and melts only in summers. A yak ride will complement your trip to Changu Lake perfectly. People hire yaks to enjoy the colossal views of mountains and lake here. Riding on this friendly decorated ox will be a different experience for you.

  1. Enjoy Sikkimese Nightlife in Gangtok:

We have good news for all the night persons out there! Yes, your instincts are telling you right! The nightlife of Sikkim is totally dazzling. The town of Gangtok is mainly famous for its nightlife. So, you can enjoy some night out parties with your buddies in the jazzy casinos, bars, pubs, and nightclubs of Gangtok! You would be surprised to know that Gangtok was the place where the first land-based live casino was set up. Don’t forget to taste the local mountain drink – Chaang here.

  1. Mountain Cycling from Gangtok to Rangpo:

Ever thought of paddling your cycle in the dramatic trails of Himalayas? Yes, it sounds exciting, and you have every right to be excited after knowing that it is the longest cycling route of Sikkim. The quaint valleys with fresh air offer ideal paths for those who love cycling. Experience flora and fauna of Sikkim as you cycle through the tricky route. For enhanced fun, join the group cycling organized in spring and fall seasons. Just be a little bit careful while riding on mountains. 

  1. Go for Flower Exhibition at White House:

The beautiful flower show at the white house, Gangtok will turn you into a nature lover even if you are not one! You can see plentiful varieties of flowers including delicate orchids and other wildflowers. You can glance at these fragrant local flowers only in the months of April and May when they bloom. You will surely get an ethereal feel by getting surrounded with various colorful flowers at this worldwide recognized show! 

  1. Explore the Caves of Sikkim:

Exploring the caves of Sikkim is best to see the interiors of Himalayas. You can go to North Lha Ri Nying Phu cave which is situated near the Tashiding Monastery in the West Sikkim area. You have to embark on a three-day long trek to reach this holiest cave of Sikkim. Apart from this cave, you can also go to caves like Pephu known as the secret cave, Dechhenphu known as the cave of happiness or Kahdosangphu known as fairy cave. You should add these caves to see the real core of Sikkim. You can buy Sikkim tour packages which include tour caves if you are not sure how to go to these destinations.

Leave your hesitation and fears at your home before starting this exciting trip to Sikkim! Explore every realm of Sikkim as your travel ticket is like a golden key to open up a vast wonderland of numerous fun activities. Get ready to do some crazy stuff in Sikkim this time. After all, being normal is too boring sometimes!