Which Watch Should I buy IN 2020

Which Watch Should I buy

Which Watch Should I buy


Michael Kors –An American fashion designer, said, “The perfect accessory can make the difference between looking blah and totally die for.” It is no secret; the affordable watch is the most important piece of jewelry you can wear to make a fashion statement.

There are numerous online stores where you can get quality watches for a great price. But where do you start, and how do you know you’re purchasing a quality watch?

Well, in this short read, we will highlight a few essential elements you should put into consideration before buying a watch.

From price to brand to movement to dial face to straps to cases, there are several factors to consider ensuring perfect shopping. Below is the ultimate buying guide that will help you get a quality watch.

These important features can lead you to the ideal wristwatch for any condition, whether it’s a gift for your loved ones or a new watch for you.

Important Factors you Should Look Into A Watch


When it comes to watches, you can spend as much as you want. You can buy a $25 watch from Amazon, or you can purchase a $50,000 Rolex. So first and foremost, decide on your budget.

There is a misconception about buying a watch is that it needs to be expensive to look nice. In fact, there area number of watches that are affordable yet look gorgeous.

So, always hunt for the watches that won’t break the bank and yet look expensive.

See the 3 affordable men’s watch brands in 2020:

  • Timex
  • Seiko
  • Orient

Swiss Brands

Without a doubt; Swiss-made watches are usually the safest bet. Look for the watches that are engineered according to standards and incorporate Swiss-made automatic or mechanical movement.

Watches featuring Swiss-made movements are likely being of better quality than one which has been mass-constructed locally or externally.

Dial Color

Whether you grasp it or not, in every moment you’re drawing meaning from each color, shade, and hue you witness.

From how you feel to the outfits you wear, the diet you eat, the car you drive, and the firm you buy insurance from — they’re all influenced by the secreted language of color.

As such a powerful drive, you must ensure color when picking a watch rather than making it against your personality.

To help make assured you, pick the right watch dial color, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly seen colors and tones on the market.

  • Black Dial: Black is the right watch dial for practicality, formality, and power.
  • Blue Dial: Blue portrays the trust, confidence, and intelligence.
  • White Dial: White has a universal appeal, and reveals innocent, purity & light –perfect for both office and bar.
  • Red/Orange/Green Dial: These colors show energy, enthusiasm, and fertility.

Invest in Scratch-Resistant Glass

After you figure out the best Watch Dial you want in your watch, the next important step to take into consideration is watch’s scratch resistance capability.

It is no doubt; this key purchasing element has its own significance while buying an ideal watch in 2020.

Dial Window Material Type

There are three types of crystals commonly used in the covering of the watch dial.

  • Acrylic Crystal
  • Mineral Crystal
  • Sapphire Crystal

Try and pick for a watch finished with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. In addition to scratch-resistant, a sapphire crystal has more capability to withstand cracks and damage than mineral and acrylic.

Alwzys Opt for a Water-Proof Watch

Last but not least, the water-resistance capacity is one of the most significant factors; you should look into when buying a quality watch.

It is no mystery; water is the biggest enemy of a watch.  So always opt for a water-proof timepiece that can withstand water pressure and suitable for your working environments or favorite activities.

The best waterproof watches for swimming and water sports including snorkeling, surfing, and sailing have a waterproof rating of at least 100m.

If you’re on the hunt for wristwatch suitable for free diving or scuba diving, you will need one rated waterproof up to at least 200m.

For running, gym training, kayaking, fishing, and water-related activities, you need to select a watch with a minimum waterproof rating of 50m.


From price to brands to dial color to water & scratch resistance, we have enlisted all essential factors that if followed, can lead you to pick the perfect and quality watch on the market.