At the point when Mumbai gets insane with traffic, contamination, and transcending solid wilderness, you simply need to take that opportunity for a climb into the quiet slopes.

The Himalayas are surely inaccessible throughout the end of the week however you have adequate alternatives of Weekend Treks Shivaji’s forts, falling cascades, Kanda bhajjias, and Sahyadaris anticipate rather than snow and sweaters on an end of week journey from Mumbai. 

Here are 5 Weekend journey close to Mumbai that will bring you into nature’s lap and back in a matter of seconds by any stretch of the imagination. The excellence of these treks is that you can go there around the year. 


1- KALSUBAI PEAK TREK – 155kms from Mumbai 


The pinnacle of Kalasubai in Nagar locale is the most elevated pinnacle of the mountain range of Sahyadri. The everest of the Sahyadris, Kalsubai top is a fantasy of each eager traveler to climb it in any event once.

Furthermore, it is perhaps the best spot for monsoon journey located 155kms away from Mumbai and 176kms from Pune. This trek can be done in a single day itself. 

2- LOHAGAD FORT – 96kms from Mumbai 

Probably the best spot to travel close to Mumbai  at distance of 96 kms is the Lohagad fort. Lohagad was a significant slope stronghold utilized widely by Chatrapati Shivaji. During storms, the fort remains covered with fog and mists and turns out to be especially wet with developing greenery.

Encircled by lavish green vegetation, Lohagad Fort is a group pleaser in the midst of local people and travelers alike. And you can cover this trek in a single day. 

3- ONE HILL TREK – 90kms from Mumbai 

This weekend Trek from Mumbai is in Matheran which is a heaven roosted high in the Western Ghats close enough for the end of the week adventurers of Mumbai. The foresty scene and the dazzling lake shapes the setting at Matheran and the pioneer style engineering stands as a legacy of the frontier time.

This place is said to be eco-sensitive and along these lines, no vehicle is allowed in this green district. Restorative plants and spices fill in bounty here and the backwoods here gloats of the panther, woofing deer, and uncommon types of Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, White Rumped Shama, Brown Wood Owl, and Boar.

It is one of the adventurous treks near Mumbai. One Tree Hill trails through thick backwoods and through rough stones. This path from Ambewadi is known as the Shivaji Ladder route. On the off chance that you intend to camp here, a hiking bed is a smart thought since the evenings are nippy.

Following a journey of three hours and investigating the encompassing territory, one can take the return course by means of Dasturi Nakal and the pleasant Kajrat to head back home. 

4- HARISHCHANDRAGAD TREK- 186kms from mumbai 

The old slope fort of Maharashtra, with a set of experiences going back to the sixth century, worked in the Shaivaite custom, offers a difficult journey in the Western Ghats.

Harishchandragad in the Ahmednagar area has a precipice that you should move at a grade of 80 degrees, an errand that will request your solidarity and certainly give you something to brag about later. This course by means of Nalichi Vaat begins from the stream bed and paves the way to the canyon.

Climbing gear is prudent and you have the alternative of tents or the antiquated caverns for a night camp. The cobra hood state of the Konkan bluff, the all-encompassing perspectives on the encompassing slopes, and dazzling sunset are features of this journey. 

5- Jawhar Hill Station and Waterfall Trek – 145kms fro Mumbai 

The ancestral realm of Maharashtra is an interesting lesser frequented hill station regularly called the ‘Mahabaleshwar of Thane District’. Encircled by lavish greenery and astonishing waterfalls, a trip to Jawhar is an out of the world experience.

An outing lunch here would be wonderful prior to getting back to the town. The town itself has some truly wonderful spots like the lake and the dam and the social legacy of the clans. Getting a dazzling Worli painting is a special reward you would prefer not to miss 

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