Moisturising Your Skin
Moisturizing Your Skin

5 Reasons You MUST Moisturize Your Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body and that is why it is essential that you take good care of the skin.

Moisturizing skin is one of the basic steps of caring for your skin. It prevents the dullness and flaking and boosts the hydration of the same. 

Added to that, the proper application of the facial cream is going to assist the anti-aging effects to be more effective.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be moisturizing your skin in the best way possible. Take a look. 

Decrease the Chances of Skin Issues

With the help of the right kind of moisturiser, the balance of the skin can be maintained.

If the skin is too oily or too dry, many common problems of the skin can start like that of acne.

You should try the lotion instead of the moisturizer if your skin starts to feel oily.

The exfoliant ingredient enriched moisturizer is also going to work under such circumstances.

If your skin is dry, go fora cream that is rich in oil content. 

Deter the Development of Wrinkles

If you don’t use the moisturiser every day, then chances are that you are going to develop wrinkles sooner rather than later.

If the barrier of the skin is compromised which happens if your skin gets dry because of not moisturizing it, then there is a chance of low-grade chronic inflammation developing in the skin.

Reduced layers of ongoing inflammation can result in the collagen breakdown and accelerated aging. 

Fight Acne

At the time when the skin dries out, it sends a signal to the glands to produce the extra sebum.

This can end up clogging the pores up and causing the breakouts. This may sound counterintuitive but keeping the face moistened up helps to keep it acne-free and can prevent it from becoming too oily. 

Make Your Makeup Flawless

Have you ever noticed the concealer creases that appear as little lines under the eyes? Those can look worse if you are not going to hydrate the face prior to the application of base make-up.

The make-up twigs into the dry areas on the skin and even the fine lines get more prominent if you don’t moisturise your face.

Experts suggest waiting for five minutes after applying the primer or moisturiser so that it can get absorbed into the skin before you apply the foundation.

For the long-lasting color, you can also use the lip balm before putting on your lipstick..

HelpControlling the Eczema and Other Skin Conditions

You know that a breakout of Eczema resulting in irritated and itchy skin can quickly ruin the day. Moisturizing your skin on a regular basis can prevent the outbreaks of eczema as well as control them if the outbreak does occur.  

The dry skin happens to be a common trigger of eczema. The application of moisturiser post-shower or baths can lock the moisture and also improve the ability of the skin to act as a barrier against the external environment.

Get rid of moisturizers that contain perfumes, dyes, detergents and other ingredients that are irritating.

These ingredients can flare up the eczema outbreak further. Instead use a Luminesce daily moisturising complex that will help to soothe, nourish and protect the skin of yours. 


Now that you know the reasons, don’t forget to moisturize your skin and look your best and feel great all year round.