5 Reasons You Should Buy a Mesh WiFi

Mesh WiFi is very popular these days. It has swept the overall United States in both business and home. The Concept of the Mesh Wi-Fi network is basic. Mesh WiFi extends the signal of your home network to every corner of your home, so you can get a solid signal and enjoy streamless connectivity.

Mesh WiFi is very popular among people who have larger houses than 3000 square feet, usually flooring plans, thick walls and rooms or externals that doesn’t have electrical services.

All these reasons mentioned above lead us to poor connectivity to your computer or smartphone. Mesh WiFi does a respectable job by capturing the radio signals from your home router and rebroadcast it with an improved version.  This method naturally solves the problem of connectivity in your home or office. Which improves the reliability of your internet overall. In this article, we are going to give 5 reason you need a mesh WiFi or you don’t.


The first reason you need a mesh wifi is the reliability of your internet. It refers as whole. If you don’t have a mesh wifi at home, your home is probably prone to the dead zone. That mean you could lose your signal at any point, during an important work or downloading a file. Mesh wifi solves that by capturing the wifi signals and rebroadcast it with its original strength. You router may have a coverage of 100 meter but mesh wifi can cover a whole building with the help of its units called satellites.

Speed and Consistency

If you look at traditional routers, the signal produced covers a certain distance. As further the signals travel, it gets weaker and weaker. It’s very common to loose signal at a certain distance. This means as farther you move from your router you lose speed of internet.  It’s a common fact, a weak signal means a slow internet. If you live in a small apartment, you may not notice the speed of your internet. For example you may be able to stream videos at your living room but you will be having problem at your bedroom.  There is a huge difference in speed and it’s frustrating if you have experienced it.

That’s where mesh wifi steps in. It completely solves this problem. With the deployment of mesh wifi, you get consistent, speed and stable signals throughout your house. You can get a separate satellite for every single room of your house.  For most people that’s not necessary, just a pair will be enough to solve the signal issues in most of the residential areas.

Businesses may want to invest more, may be dozen to cover every corner of their offices. In the conference room, offices that far from the router. It will decrease the signal drop and maintain the speed of their internet connectivity.

Network Management

The third important reason is the network management. It’s actually a process of how you manage, solve, manage and handle network problems. Network management is a tough task, it requires an intimate knowledge of how you can optimize signal strength and reliability. Mesh WiFi comes with an android application which makes it effortless to manage the network.  That means you can control aspects of you network with the help of smartphone application.

Many of the smartphone applications are built by the same company that provides mesh wifi devices. With them you can even modify your network if you are not connected to it. You can easily change your password, reset your router and manage users of the network right from the smartphone application.


Security is the biggest concern of many users. Mesh wifi is the most secure wifi routers, you can buy these days.  Many times, you try to boast your signals and strangers connects to your wifi. In mesh wifi you can easily kick them out with the help of smartphone application or change your password, reset the network.  Some of the mesh wifi are affiliated with Google accounts that you use for other purposes. That means that the security you use for your Google wifi is also available for your mesh wifi making it super secure.  All the security features, security questions and other security protocols are at your fingertips. If you want to make your network secure, mesh wifi is the best solution to it.

One-Time Cost

One of the best thing about mesh wifi is that you are going to pay for them one time. It will never break your bank. Just pay one time the front cost and use it for the rest of your life.  You are still going to pay your bills and other things like Netflix subscription but if you buy a satellite, it’s yours forever.

Now it depends on your needs, if you have a bigger home it may cost you a lot. If you a house with multiple floors, it may cost you around a thousand dollars but if you have a small apartment and just need to boast your signals in the bedroom. It may cost you a few hundred by buying a single satellite.