Videos are proven to be a very effective and affordable addition to any website, particularly small and local businesses. Surprisingly, perhaps due to perceived difficulty in incorporating video into websites; the majority of businesses do not have video content on their company website.

If you’re in the position of being open to new ideas, yet not having video content on your website, take a look at the 6 pieces of advice below that outline exactly why video content can be considered as an excellent addition for your website.

  1. Increased Conversion Rates

Recent market research into the effectiveness of video content has revealed that content marketers find video conversion rates 70% higher than any other medium. Just imagine the accumulative impact of 70% higher conversion day after day from your website!

  1. Clarity

Explainer videos show you exactly what your product is, its usefulness and its function in a clear, concise manner. In many cases, points of difference among products are actually more easily conveyed in visual format than plain text. With a video, your potential customers do not have to read between the lines. They can just go to the videos directly and gain the better understanding through what they hear and see.

  1. Greater Reach

Businesses use social signals as an effective medium to spread their product across the globe. They do it by videos and images to stream buzz in different social media platforms. In 2015, an astounding 50% of online traffic was attracted through video content. That number is expected to climb this year. In short, if you’re not using video, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

  1. Increased Ranking in Google Search

The websites that show pure blocks of images and text do not perform well in Google search ranking, compared to the pages that have diverse content. It’s been said that you are as high as 53% more likely to rank on page 1 if you have video content. When customers see the ample amount of text they have to read to understand the product, they may quickly disappear.

On the other hand, if you have a concise written overview of your product, along with an explainer video, you’re far more likely to retain visitors for longer durations on your website. A great example of this is the website of EFM Health Clubs. Notice how the video takes prime position, making it easy for people to learn about the business offerings?

  1. Helps Audience Retain Information

According to a study done by Wharton Research Center, a person only retains 10% of the things they hear but 50% of the things they see. Clearly, from an audience retention perspective, ensuring that visitors are able to visualize your content in video form implies that they are more likely to exit your website having understood your product offering.

  1. Affordable

Gone are the days of video being a form of content distribution beyond the financial reach of most small businesses. Nowadays, recording equipment is very affordable and there are plenty of fantastic video cameras to choose from that won’t break the budget. In fact, with advances in mobile phone camera technology, between your mobile device and a YouTube channel (which is free to setup), you’ve got everything you need to start recording videos so there really are no excuses from a financial standpoint for not getting started!.

Summing Up

Ensuring that there is video content on your website has moved beyond a “nice to have” and is quickly becoming a “must have”. As with most things in business, if you aren’t taking advantage of the latest trends, you can bet that your competition will. We aren’t yet at the point where video content has become absolute mainstream so now is the time to get the jump on the majority of your competitors and start incorporating video into your website and content marketing plan.


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