A wedding anniversary is to recall those happy moments you shared on the day you tied the knot. Every couple enjoys this celebration every year to celebrate the years of togetherness. It gets you the most affectionate time you share with your special one. But sometimes we get confused when we think about what different you can do this time. Well don’t take panic; we have brought you wonderful anniversary celebration ideas to say “you care for him”. The new and unique romantic surprise ideas for husband on the anniversary will put him in a thought of how deeply you are in love with him. 

1. Throw Grand Party :

Party boosts the morale of the celebration. It’s a 10th, 15th or very first-anniversary celebration couples want to share this moment with the group of acquaintance. So plan a big surprise party for him. Contact local party decorators to do throw a romantic decoration in-home or outside the home. You can also book the banquet or hall in a city so that invited guests can find it easily. Bake a personalized photo cake or narrate a romantic word on it to say you love him. Invite all the closet friends with Whatsapp and facebook media and tell them not to reveal the secret of the party. Once he will come to a home, it will make him super exciting when he will look to the grandeur celebration you make for him. 

2. Heart Shapes on Table :

You want to make it simple, make his day by showing your heart everywhere. As soon as he wakes up to serve the breakfast in heart-shaped cut out pieces of bread. Serve him a meal in heart-shaped plates. Use heart-shaped molds to serve dinner in heart shape. You have poured love in every meal and dinner and surely it will melt his heart. 

3. Decorate the Room with Flowers and Balloons :

As soon as he leaves for the job start decorating his room with flowers and balloons. Buy flowers online from his favorite flower bouquet shop and adorn it around all the corners. Now let the heart-shaped helium-filled balloons flaunt throughout the room. To make it more romantic hang some memorable wedding photos on the end thread of helium balloons. Also, set one romantic table with heart-shaped cake and wine. Here you go you have the best gift to give and enjoy the most romantic date of life. 

4. Paper Notes All Over The Wardrobe & Mirror :      

Don’t let him forget the anniversary date, keep it showing everywhere. First of all, take a bunch of papers and make small heart cutouts. Now write love notes in every heart and then stick it all around the room. In the mirror, hide it inside his pocket, in his purse, in his laptop bag, in his tiffin box and everything which he uses on a regular basis. This way you are able to make him feel you are always with him in every situation. 

5. Recreate Wedding Day :

Here you need to dress up with your partner in the same attire you were on the wedding day. Order the same cake design from the same bakery for anniversary cake delivery. Write oaths on paper and stand in front of each other and chant the committed oaths again. It is overwhelming, truly heartfelt. Keep looking into your partner’s eyes; it will bring tears of joys in both the eyes. Celebrate the moment with cutting a cake and enjoying the wine together. 

6. Cook Something Special :

Your husband is a foodie and he wants to try a new dish every time, cook something special for him. Invent a new savory or sweet dish from youtube and try to make it at home. Yes, it will take your sincere efforts but you worth lots of love in return. Try to make the dish before the day so that on the same day you don’t feel embarrassed. 

Anniversary is the celebration of the journey of spending the most romantic times you spent with your partner. It recreates the special moments of the wedding day. By far it is the thrilling and most exciting date of every couple’s life. So if you want to win the heart of the husband, try these new anniversary surprises. It is the best way to showcase your special feeling and say why he is so special a person in your life.