7 Eco friendly Reasons for Switching to Customisable Tote Bags

custom tote bags

Global warming is a phenomenon that has threatened the very survival of the planet. It is high-time to get conscious about the environment to secure the future of our planet and ensure healthy living conditions for us. The production of less waste and fewer resources is not just something for the big factories and corporations to worry about. All of us can make a huge difference in how we impact the earth.

The plastic bags cannot be easily decomposed and they contribute towards the degradation of the environment. It takes almost 15-1000 years for the plastic bags to be broken down. This results in huge amount of waste that gets accumulated. Not just that, the cost of recycling plastic bags is also said to be huge. That is why more plastic bags make their way to the landfill sites polluting the environment in a huge way. That is why we should think of alternatives to plastic bags. Herein comes the need of the reusable tote bags that are being embraced by the largest business houses to be used as a replacement of plastic.

Here are some of the reasons why using reusable tote bags is really essential. Just take a look.

  • Conserve the Resources -Plastic bags have huge environmental footprint and they also call for huge environmental requirement to be made. It takes almost 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture plastic bags. In fact, a car can be driven for a mile with the same amount of gasoline required to produce 14 plastic bags. That is why it is always apt to produce reusable customized tote bags.
  • Use Recycled Materials – The stored eco-friendly tote bags have a 100 GSM density at minimum. This means that the recycled materials are flexible, tough and can carry an image imprint as well as a branded message. By using the recycled materials, the harmful materials are kept out of oceans and landfills.
  • Reduce Pollution – plastic bags are major reasons for environmental pollution. As said earlier the plastic bag takes about 15-1000 years to be disintegrated based on the environment. The same is not true for the reusable shopping bags with eco-friendly materials like cotton, jute, bamboo and canvas and fiber from a variety of edible materials. These bags can be reused and do not cause any harm to the environment.
  • Protect the Wildlife – Over 1,00,000 marine deaths are caused every year when the marine animals mistake the plastic shopping bags for food in the ocean. The plastic bags can also get snagged in trees and the small animals can get trapped in them leaving even more wildlife deaths in the environment.
  • Durability is the Focus – Without the promise of a long shelf life, the eco-friendly totes won’t be effective in reaching the intended goals. The supremacy of these bags resides with society. With time the awareness regarding the negatives in plastic bags has increased. Each time the eco-friendly tote is used, a plastic bag that can be used just once is left out of circulation. These customized tote bags are made of the polypropylene materials that are resistant to shrinking and stretching and it won’t retain water. These qualities are just the beginning. The eco-friendly tote bags will remind you about how treasured they are with every use as they are quite long-lasting and they stand the taste of time.
  • Save Money – Many stores now charge for the customers for the plastic bags. While it may not seem a huge amount to be spent, consider how fast that adds up for a consumer who uses 5-10 bags with every trip to the store. This adds up to a huge amount eventually. So consider that.
  • Serve Multiple Uses – If you are looking for bags that serve many purposes then go for the multi-purpose tote bags. It can be used for storing vital documents. You can carry those things to the workplace, umbrella or grocery store and other daily necessities with a lot of ease. These bags are also great for books, lunches and beach supplies.

The above are some of the eco-friendly reasons for switching to custom tote bags. These are the reasons most of the businesses are using such totes for promoting their brand at corporate events, exhibitions, etc. These are not just inexpensive advertisement methods but are also helpful in establishing the business as a responsible brand who cares for sustainability amidst the target audience which is a plus for any business.