Foods to Avoid with Gingivitis and Keep Gums Healthy

When you are concerned about treating gingivitis and keeping gums healthy, it is obvious to see a dentist soon. Obviously, you will not know how to deal with gingivitis and this can make things worse. You would also like to focus on foods that should be avoided for that time. The best thing to do in this situation is following the advice of your dentist and have healthy gums.

Common foods

Foods or drinks have a high amount of sugar in them and you cannot remove sugar from the diet completely. Restricting the intake of sugar and refined sugars can be of great help then only improving oral hygiene.

Xylitol is often recommended as an option to sugars as it helps to neutralize plaque acidity and has beneficial effects. There is sugar in sweets and energy drinks, but common snacks and dried fruits can be problematic too.

Sugars lingering in your mouth are worse than the ones who swallow quickly. You should avoid taking cough sweets and lollipops, when possible. Acidic foods may eat away the tooth enamel and cause cavities by creating an environment where harmful bacteria grow. However, there is acid in alcohols and pickles as well as healthy foods like citrus fruit or tomatoes.

You can pair together acidic foods with acid-neutralizing foods such as lean beef or chicken that lessen the impact but, with sugars, you can remove acidic foods completely from the diet.

Other offenders

There are other foods that should not take if you want to maintain healthy gums and avoid problems such as gingivitis. Foods that make your mouth dry should be avoided as they lessen the attack of bacteria in the mouth. The common offenders are alcohol and coffee.

It is quite easy to see how things may create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive, and gingivitis to appear again. Enjoying a few snacks during the day, a cup of coffee or wine might be the next offender.

Bread and other foods that are high in starch might be a benign choice, however, the fact is that these carbohydrates hang round in your mouth and dissolve into simple sugars to form bacteria. Soda, energy drinks and sports drinks should be avoided as they do not have a great taste of alcohol or coffee.

Why the all-around approach is needed

The answer is not to avoid eating foods. Rather, you need to look for which foods should be taken and which to avoid for your healthy gums. This will lessen the risk of other health problems that take place from time to time.

Many foods may not be suitable for your health. A typical day should be full of foods that would be on the list of things to avoid. In short, avoiding all foods is not possible but make sure you don’t take something that may damage your dental health.

Gum disease is a common problem

Gum disease and gingivitis cannot be avoided, but both of them are common. Almost everyone suffers from gum disease at some point of time or other though, for most of them gingivitis is a condition that can be treated by visiting your periodontist. Gingivitis might not cause much pain though it may cause bleeding gums and is associated with halitosis.

The positive thing about it is while gingivitis cannot be treated at home, you need to visit your reliable dentist in Croydon to get rid of plaque from the teeth and below the gums. During this stage, reducing the intake of certain foods can improve your oral hygiene and prevent the return of such conditions.

You can make some changes in your lifestyle such as quit smoking and drinking alcohol that will be beneficial for your health. Let’s discuss some changes that can improve your dental health.

Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Bleeding gums and gingivitis may cause a serious condition called periodontitis, if not treated on time. Periodontitis is more destructive and the potential results are your teeth becoming loose with the risk of tooth loss.

Below we have mentioned how adults suffer from gum disease and periodontitis.

  • According to the recent national dental health survey, it has been found that 54% of adults had moderate signs of this condition.
  • According to a survey conducted, nearly 37% of adults have moderate to chronic levels of periodontitis. However, severe periodontitis seems to affect 11% of the adult population worldwide.
  • Periodontitis is the sixth prevalent disease in the world that has been linked to negatively impacting your longevity and well-being.

Periodontitis may be there without diagnosis and treatment as the symptoms are the same with other gum problems like bleeding gums and inflammation. However, it causes further damage for the long term and requires proper treatment by a periodontist in Croydon Gingivitis is easy to treat but periodontitis is destructive, and so, you should fix an appointment with the dentist to overcome them soon.

When looking for a dentist in Croydon, you may visit our Croydon based dental practice clinic for proper treatment from gingivitis and periodontics. Thus, you will have healthy gums and clean mouth.

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