Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain | Herbs

ayurvedic home remedies for back pain
Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain
Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

We, humans, are presented with a miraculous operating body mechanism. However, under the pressure of contemporary conveniences and inactive work culture, there is flexibility in the lower part of our back and painful pain begins.

More and more people throughout the state are experiencing pain and pain in the area of the limb of ​​their body.

And, many of them suffer from chronic os disks, compression of the nerve root, slip discs, redness, arthritis, poor movement of spinal joints and many more.

The lower part of the back is sudden, whether or not it develops over time or whether it is intense or old, there is a pain in the lower part of the back.

Physically, the flaw is that controlling the gland and metabolism of the bones. Vata is accountable for the movement of the body; its obstruction causes pain.

Therefore, lower back pain causes can be a Vata disease. In Ayurvedic science, Vata pain is fast, beating and migration.

So, adjusting the Vata defect and incorporating home remedies for lower back pain in your daily schedule would be an excellent relief.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

1. Consumption of sharp spices back on the scale

Red and inexpensive chilies, sharp spices like Wasabi, and many dry in nature. The condition is another major quality of Vata defect that exaggerates with the consumption of sharp spices and ingredients, and the condition will cause constipation in the form of pain in the lower part of the back due to stool.

2. Kati Basti

Kati Basti is one of the various types of lower back pain and slips disc’s various natural remedies. This is Ayurvedic treatment of Sneha and Svedna for the place of the affected body.

Within the law, medicinal oils are nourished and remove toxic substances from the spinal muscles of the body part. The patient is made to face the face on the ground.

A tie with gram flour is made in the area of ​​the lower part of the patient and the air-cooling oil like aperient, Bala oil or Brahmi oil is put on intervals, which soak the victim cotton mist.

3. Deodar heat foods

As a result of the Vata defect, nature is cold, consumption of cold food and beverages will increase the pain.

Due to cold, the pain gets accelerated and the body gets tension and accumulation, resulting in the stagnation of feces, while the increase in heat is facilitated and the result of healthy elimination is to open the stotras Allows A healthy elimination reduces pain.

4. Keep warm and comfortable

The nature of the Vata defect is cold. That’s why whenever you are in a cold environment, your pain increases.

Therefore, Ayurveda science recommends reducing heat and is included in easy home remedies for pain relief in the lower part of the back.

You will be able to make yourself capable of using a prediction bag to stay in the heat, which provides relief from pain.

5. Abhyanga

Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic massage therapy within which the muscle of the body is slowly rubbing the heat from the heat of the herbs and balancing the Vata defect.

As a part of the Ayurvedic routine, Hydraulics massages the combined health and nourishes the tissues by loosening the embedded impurities that end through a phase infection.

The method is usually followed by Svedana or heat bathtub which provides extra pain relief.

6. Anilox Vilom Pranayam

The Anulom-Vilom yogic respiratory exercise is used to reduce the Vata defect, which is the cause of pain in the lower part of the back.

In the subsequent control of the internal secretion of stress, therefore, reduces pain. Sit as lotus pose.

Close the right thumb with the right thumb. Breathe through the left nose. Remove the thumb from the proper anterior tip and exhale. As you breathe, close your left anterior with your finger.

7. Follow the Uttanasan (Standing Forward Fold)

There are natural remedies of yoga for pain in the lower part of the back. Uttanasana is very essential for lower back pain patients because this allows the Vata to flow in a better way to reduce constipation and constipation, resulting in pain in the lower part of the back it happens.

Follow the reason with the help of Yoga Sahara so that you do not stress your body and get the target benefit.

Start in Tadasana. exhale; Bend down with your hips. As everyone has told that folds, keep the spine straight and get deeper with every breath when receivable.

Try to keep knees unbalanced and keep your hands on the floor near the feet. For a stretch, place a yoga block below the feet balls.

8. Include Herbs in the Diet

Ayurveda is suggested to consume many herbs containing properties that reduce the pain. Use garlic in recipes to reduce chronic inflammation. Mix the garlic and clove in the pain and relieve it, place in the affected area.

The medicinal properties of ginger make a skilled herb for healing pain. Kapoor, Turmeric, Fenugreek, and Ashwagandha are many herbs that will be used for relief and relief from chronic pain.

 Experience relief and call Aquarius to reduce the pain in the lower back along with Ayurvedic home remedies and herbs.