We all have many tasks to do with our computers it could be gaming, graphic designing, programming, video editing, etc. All of the tasks has many which have opened at a single time but due to lack of screen real state, we are unable to do so. Adding a second monitor would definitely add up to your productivity. Many a time we have a laptop to carry to work but at home, we want a desktop experience. Which you can easily get by connecting a monitor to your laptop which you could use as the main monitor and have a decent experience.

Let’s look at some professions where you would require a second monitor and why.   


Gaming requires a quick response, enough real state, and skills. In games like Garena Free Fire: Xp1te you need to have a second monitor if you are playing on an emulator as the game requires good skills with great color accuracy and a good screen real estate to easily your targets in open field. While many of you would like to stream on services like YouTube gaming, Twitch and many more you should have a second monitor where you could read chats, donations, etc. And keep in mind while buying a monitor to have a good refresh rate and great color accuracy. And even if you are playing mobile games and such as Coin master a second monitor may be handy for coin master free spins:xp1te 

2.Graphic Designing

 Graphic designing is a career persuaded by many youngsters and why they shouldn’t, it is a career full of opportunities. Most of the graphic designers use tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc, and every designer wants to have inspiration. If you are a designer then you should have a second monitor not just for your inspirations but you can use it to open multiple tabs of your favorite tool. Graphic designing is not just limited to logos it could include game arts and much more, you may use your second monitor for opening tabs such as YouTube for quick help. Make sure the monitor which you choose has great color accuracy with a good resolution.


Programming is a profession where there are unlimited opportunities’ which you could dive into and explore it. While bugs and issues in the codes are the most common it’s not bad for any programmer to look for solution on the web, while developing any type of application there are at least  2 tabs open of different apps while one of them being the text editor and other being the web, emulator, terminal, etc. Which reduces the area to work on the screen. When you add up a second monitor surely you will see the change and your productivity would increase significantly. While you should choose one of Benq monitors as the safe for eyes as you would be working for a long period of time and other configurations could be as per your choice and another thing you are thinking to do.

4.Video Editing

With the increasing popularity of YouTube, there is an increasing demand of not just Talented but fast-paced video editors. YouTube Creators want to publish a video every day or every week so they want to hire an editor who edits their videos quickly. When you are editing your videos you need to be for which you would definitely require a second monitor. Where you would be having your timeline on one side of your monitor and the preview pane on the other and you can even have your effects tab or the color correction tab open on the second window. While you are getting your second monitor you should get a high resolution, great color accuracy, and a safe for eye monitor because you would be sitting in front of the monitor for long hours.


A dual monitor setup would surely be great for your setup as it would increase productivity and would allow you for a better experience while you using your computer and for your gaming experience while playing Garena Free Fire: Xp1te but while choosing a monitor you should be a little careful and choose a monitor which suits your needs and has all the configuration you need and you should not feel like you have done a mistake by purchasing the monitor. Happy Shopping!

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