Buying a leather saddlebag is an investment for every motorcycle owner. No matter what kind of motorcycle you own, you want to take your motorcycle on long journeys and carry things with you, and the only way you can carry stuff with you is if you buy saddlebags.

Now, most luggage bag companies and motorcycle accessory manufacturing companies are getting into the business because of the rise in demand. However, most motorcycle owners still want leather saddlebags and not hardcover saddlebags.

The reasons are simple, your leather saddlebags and spacious, and you can manipulate the capacity accordingly. Additionally, these saddlebags are specially designed for the motorcycle, so they go with the general rusty and howdy aesthetic of the motorcycle. 

We have seen that with the rise of motorcycle saddlebag users, there has been a surge in complaints as well. Unlike hardcover saddlebags and polymer-based saddlebags, leather saddlebags are fragile.

There are so many different companies selling leather saddlebags, and they also offer leather maintenance kits to help you clean your saddlebags on your own.

However, there is one big issue, the cleaning solutions placed in these cleaning kits are made for industrial leather, and if you use these cleaners, there is a high chance that your leather saddlebags will lose the shine. In some cases, leather bags start to rip and shed the upper layer, which becomes a recipe for disaster.

If you are a beginner or you have just bought a pair of saddlebags, we would recommend you to prepare a cleaning solution at home rather than wasting your money on industrial leather cleaners that can damage your saddlebags.

Here are some of the easy leather saddlebags cleaning solutions that you can make at home with the use of basic stuff that you can find in your kitchen.   

Easy Leather Saddlebags Cleaning Solutions

Gentle Cleaner 

Gentle Cleaner

This cleaner is excellent if you just want to give your leather saddlebags a gentle cleaning session. This will help you get rid of some basic mud stains, water stains, or weather-based bruises on the leather surface.

The two ingredients in this cleaning solution can be easily acquired from your kitchen, and they will work wonders for all kinds of leather-based bags. You need acetic acid or white vinegar, and then you need to dilute it with water.

It is important to understand a few important things regarding the acetic acid; if you are getting the actual acetic acid, it will be very strong, so it’s better to stick with basic synthetic white vinegar, or if you are very particular, you can replace it with apple cider vinegar.

The normal pH of acetic acid is two, so if you add equal parts of water, you will get a suitable concentration for gentle cleaning. 

Easy Shine Cleaner 

Easy Shine Cleaner

We all know that leather loses its shine after a few months, and this is basically due to the weather and moisture. Since we hang the saddlebags on your motorcycle, we don’t realize that leather saddlebags have to go through a lot.

They have to withstand harsh sunlight, moisture, mud, and the rainy season. All these conditions are quite challenging, and if you have a few months’ saddlebags, you might have noticed that there is no shine and there are small cracks on the surface of the leather.

To overcome this, you might find a few industrial shiners and polishers, but they are very harsh and thick. One thing that most people don’t know is that leather is just like skin, and it requires something that is light enough so it can breathe easily.

Once you have a thick polish on top, it seals the overall layer, and you might see that the upper layer is sticky. The best solution is to make a polisher oil of thin oil as a base and some cleaning solution to go with it.

For this, we would recommend you to use equal parts of any oil with lemon juice. It is important to use oil that is thin and light, so you cannot use coconut oil. Instead, you can use simple olive oil or almond oil. 

Organic One Ingredient Solution 

Organic One Ingredient Solution

If you feel you don’t have enough time to mix ingredients around or start to use oil, there is a very interesting hack that you can try. We would recommend you to use a banana peel for cleaning and moisturizing the surface of leather.

For some, banana peel might not be a good cleaning idea because it leaves a residue on the surface, but if you try it, you can clean the surface after.

The inner side of banana peel consists of some very beneficial essential oils, you can easily rub it around on the surface, and once you are done, you can clean it with a fresh cloth. You don’t even need any polisher to go with it because it will soak up all the dust on the surface and give it a good shine instead. 

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