With a lot of fluctuations in the global market, people have started investing in many conventional and non-conventional options. These can help generate income which can be used for personal expenses such as shopping, buying houses, cars or jewellery. A few of these non-traditional options which are becoming quite a favourite with investors are stocks, private equity and buying gold and diamond.

Let’s explore what diamond investment is all about, things to be taken into consideration and its advantages and disadvantages.

Reasons you should go for buying diamond

  • You can store them easily since it occupies less space

Keeping and storing diamond is feasible as it doesn’t take up much space. This means that you can purchase the most expensive diamond and easily store it in a small-sized safe. It works as an outstanding means of transfer because a small stone can hold an astonishing amount of worth.

  • Less maintenance

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man which means that it doesn’t crack or wear off easily.

  • Flaunt your diamonds

 Diamonds are eternal and never go out of style. So, wear it and flaunt it in the form of a necklace, ring or bracelet.

The different risks involved in diamond investments. There are a few risks involved when one invests in diamonds.

  • Price transparency

When it comes to pricing, the traders decide by using the Rapaport price list, which cannot be checked by just anyone. Whereas, while purchasing gold and silver you can easily follow up with the cost.

  • There is no fixed standard for buying and selling diamond

The value of a diamond is based on carat, clarity, colour and its supply and demand in the market. When you purchase a diamond, ensure you buy from a known and reputed company. Also, evaluate the prices online.

  • Selling a diamond is difficult

Re-selling diamonds is difficult as compared to buying new ones. Many dealers purchase diamonds like they buy gold or any other jewellery. You can get better returns if you sell them off to diamond collectors or investors.

The benefit of investing in diamond

Buying Diamond lacks transparency in terms of pricing, but it is becoming quite popular among investors. This rare precious stone defines luxury.

Let us discuss many advantages one can have by investing:

  • Size: Considering they are small in size, diamonds can be easily stored. They are even used as a currency and as a form of money transfer across countries.
  • Durability: They are highly durable; it’s known as the strongest stone made of crystalline carbon. It does not wear off or require much care and maintenance.
  • Insurance: Many companies provide insurance for diamonds. So, if you are concerned about its safety while buying one, do get it insured.
  • It doesn’t get affected by inflation: Diamond does not get affected by inflation and market failure, making it a secure investment. This can be helpful at the time of need.
  • Can be worn: Diamonds have a practical use, making it perfect as jewellery that can be flaunted.
  • Less paperwork:   Buying a diamond doesn’t require much documentation which translates to less paperwork.
  • The price doesn’t get hampered in effect of any fluctuation as there is no government intervention.

To sum up

Precious, exceptional and luxurious, diamonds have become a hot new favourite among investors. Though such investments come with a few hiccups, you should think about putting your money in buying diamonds considering they come with a range of benefits. Before investing, take a diamond’s clarity, cut, carat and colour into consideration. Always set a financial plan, compare prices and buy reasonably from an authorised diamond manufacturer only.

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