Epic Candy-Covered Wedding Cakes for 2019 Weddings

Epic Candy-Covered Wedding Cakes for 2019 Weddings

Every couple plans the best for their wedding as it is an essential occasion for their life which depicts a new beginning for them. They are excited equally for both the wedding and anniversaries. They always want it to be well-planned and the best in every possible way. Their wedding planners and family makes sure to make the best arrangements for this happy occasion of theirs. But amongst these huge arrangements, the most eye-catching thing that makes each one of the guest awestruck is the beautiful and multi-tiered large wedding cake.

Wedding cakes for anniversaries or reception parties these days are of different shapes, sizes, and designs. The new pastry chefs are discovering some of the best types of cakes using fruits, doughnuts, macaroons, candies, and many more eateries. They make and bake the best cake, whether it has to be for your 25th wedding anniversary or any wedding ceremony. The pastry chef customizes the wedding cakes as per the customer’s demands whether they require to stack a heap of cupcakes or a white-flowered cake.

The market has different varieties of cakes for the summer wedding, beach wedding, big family gatherings for anniversaries. Some of the different wedding cake names are fondant icing cake, sugar flowers, buttercream, stacked, etc. The chefs and cake designers together have come up with a new trend of cake nowadays, which is the Candy-covered wedding cake. These cakes are a visual treat to both eyes and the taste buds.

Candy-covered wedding cake

The candy-covered wedding cake has become the most trending cake amongst people as it includes a lot of eateries in it and still looks the most beautiful cake. These can be from a single tier to a huge five-tiered cake with the dose of sweetest candies on it. It includes everything from marshmallows, gummy bears, mints, jellybeans, candy sticks, to macaroons. These candy cakes also use rainbow drips for creating an illusion of waterfalls. These are not just cakes but also a treat for the sweet-toothed people.  You can buy candy covered online cake from online stores.

Different designs and detailing

Some of the wedding cakes include decorative items such as colorful mint balls, different licorice, rock candy, jellies, chocolate shards, rainbow drip, huge lollipops, M&Ms, gems, colorful sprinkles, silver vermicelli, candy canes, and crushed colorful candies. Apart from all these many other baked items such as macaroons, cookie crumble, tiny ice cream cones, cupcakes, chocolate rolls are also used.

One can also avoid a huge cake and opt for a stack of cupcakes. This stack of cupcakes can get covered with crushed rock candies, skittles, chocolate ganache, and many other items. The cake can match the decor or colors of the flowers which have decorated the wedding location. The cake can also get covered with rock candies of the color that matches to the bridesmaid’s dresses.

White and round cakes are boring

For some couples, white-colored wedding cakes online have become dull and too old-fashioned. They need something new that should both taste good and also be presentable. Hence, candy-covered cakes will become a break for such occasions. In addition to this, decorative stuff adds a lot of color to the cake. Also, besides the color, these eateries bring out a different shape of the cakes. The cakes can be made in various forms such as square, rectangle, or even irregular in shape and still be the prettiest. It can be monochromatic to colorful, or square to heart-shaped, or single-layered to multi-tiered.

Order Online

Modern technologies and the digital world has made it easy for people to order their favorite cakes by sitting at home. The availability of wedding cakes online has become a boon for the couples as it gives them a lot of choices to select. Apart from a perfect colorful and beautiful wedding cake, you can also find the perfect gifts for your better half. Winni is a renowned portal from where you can order cake online and get it delivered to your desired place.

Wedding ceremonies and anniversaries are an auspicious occasion not just for the couple but also for the two families. Hence, these latest candy-colored wedding cakes can add a pinch of happiness in these family gatherings. The candies can brighten up the occasion for children, and its beautiful appearance can make your big day the happiest.