All over the world from younger to elder everyone is fascinated with The Lion King. The story of Simba attracts the attention of every genre of spectators. From the animated to the live-action movie; it has spelled the magic to everyone. Here is another magnificent addition is the list which is spellbound and enthralling for every spectator in the auditorium with its grandeur. It is the Broadway show of the Lion King that was started in 1997 and since then it is one of the most popular shows on the earth. It is a dream for many people to get the Discount Broadway Tickets Lion King so that they can experience it live.

If you want to know why you should buy After Discount Broadway Tickets Lion King and watch the show; then here are some excellent reasons for that.

Story of Lion King: This is the story of Simba who is a young lion cub and son of the Mufasa, the king of the jungle. With time, Simba is growing with his restless curiosity to explore new places in the savanna; including the forbidden one. Scar, who was the evil-willed brother of Mufasa, uses it as the advantage. He put Simba as bait only to kill Mufasa and then he claims the throne abandoning Simba. Little Simba is rescued and raised by two of his friends Timon and Pumba. After many years, Simba returns to the pack to claim his throne back. After a fight with Scar and his associate Hyenas; Simba becomes successful to take the revenge of his father’s death. This ongoing fight between good and evil is still attractive and relevant after 20 years of the first production and people are still eager to invest in the Discount Broadway Tickets Lion King.

Awards: When the presentation is mind-blowing, there will be no limit for the award and recognition for the show. The original show won in 1998 eight awards in Drama Desk show. Along with that they also won one award in the Theatre World Award show. However, the best recognition came from the Tony Awards in the form of five wins and many more nominations. The London production of the Lion King show also won two Laurence Oliver Awards.

The shows have been organized almost all over the world like Singapore, Seoul, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne, Vegas, Madrid, and many places. Everywhere, there is a huge demand for the Discount Broadway Tickets Lion King as the show is running successfully for more than twenty years.

The masks and puppets are created by the expert mask makers, artisans, puppeteers and sculptors in more than 37,000 hours. They have to put all their efforts and skill to create these amazing puppets, masks and other accessories of the drama. Julie Taymor, the director and designer of the show personally assisted the artisans in hand sculpting and painting the masks of the opening number.

Huge Number Of Staff: To get success in this majestic level of Broadway drama, more than 150 people put their full effort. From the 50 cast members to the 20 musicians of the orchestra; each and every people will make it worth to invest in Discount Broadway Tickets Lion King.