Is your Google Ads not showing the kind of performance you hoped for even though you have gone through the whole marketing process of creating a compelling ad copy, deciding a bidding strategy or connecting your ad to a post-click landing page? In such a case, having a Google seller rating is the way to go for getting more click-through and qualified leads which ultimately will result in higher conversions and sales.  

What are Google Seller ratings?

A seller rating is a component of Google Ads extension which can be seen as star ratings from one to five on search ads. The rating is an automated extension that is calculated by taking into account various customer reviews from sources that are trusted by Google. The result is then displayed in the body of the relevant ad. However, the onus is on Google to decide the qualifier automatically and in some cases, it may opt not to display anything.  

In addition to the star count, the number of unique reviews and such factors as average delivery times and whether the featured item is in stock or not are also taken into account for arriving at the rating. In the past, seller ratings Google AdWords have generally benefitted e-commerce and retail advertisers. But today because of its effectiveness, advertisers cutting across industries are reaping the benefits of increased click-through rates and by default higher conversions and sales.

Even though Google Seller Ratings are an “automated extension” in Google AdWords, it will only show up if a few requirements are met.

  • There should be at least 30 unique reviews and all of them from the previous 12 months
  • The composite rating should not be less than 3.5 stars
  • Primarily, the 30 reviews should be from two trusted Google-based sources, The Google Trusted Stores and the Google Consumer Surveys.
  • Google also accepts reviews from a few third-party sites. These include Bizrate, ResellerRatings, StellaService, Bazaarvoice, PriceGrabber, TrustPilot, Feefo, and Trusted Shops.

With seller ratings Google AdWords you can always get ahead of the competition. It is because your ratings appear on both mobile ads and desktops and hence a customer can get the true worth and value of your products and service regardless of the device being used.

Benefits of using Google Seller Ratings

When you have an optimized online digital marketing campaign running for your business, there are certain results that you will expect. Google Seller Ratings fulfill almost all of them.

Here are some benefits of seller ratings Google AdWords.

  • Increase in click-through rates – When buying online, customers consider credibility and trustworthiness of a brand a key component in the decision to make a purchase. This is all the more important in today’s digital environment where global sales from online stores are almost at par with that from traditional brick and mortar stores.

Seller Ratings enable potential customers to know whether other people have used the brand and whether they have had a good experience (or not). They can even click-through and read detailed reviews of a product or service. Ratings are especially useful for small businesses or startups or those operating in a local setting as ratings can help establish their brand quickly in the market.

  • Increase in online visibility – There is an increase in your page space as seller ratings Google AdWords add an extra line to your ad. This makes the ad more prominent while allowing less space for your competitors’ ads. By adding a dash of color too, your ad stands out among others, increases online visibility and presence while visually drawing attention to your message.
  • Decrease in cost per click – Google Seller Ratings can run simultaneously with other ad extensions and thus decreases the cost per click while increasing the ad quality score.  

Considering these aspects, the next point is the extent that ratings are beneficial and the improvement index that can be expected? According to Google, a text ad with a detailed seller rating can increase click-through rate by up to 10%. Even this promise of improvement has the potential to transform into a big return on investment.

Industries that Benefit from Google Seller Ratings

It is obvious that the biggest beneficiaries of seller ratings Google AdWords are e-commerce platforms as they have to have an element of trust with customers. Purchases are made long distance without a feel of the products and hence new clients have to depend on star ratings and reviews of previous customers before taking a purchase decision. However, it is not the only sector that takes advantage of seller ratings.

Here are a few examples that prove the versatility of seller ratings.

  • Marketing agencies – A digital marketing agency can get ahead of others in the field in this fiercely competitive industry with good ratings.
  • Travel – Whenever people book air tickets, hotels, vacations or business trips, they first look at the star ratings of an agency to know more about customer experience. Expedia, for example, one of the largest agencies has a 4.5 rating. This has a magnetic effect, helping them to get more customers.
  • Education – Take a look at ads of colleges and Universities. Their ratings play a critical role in increased admissions.
  • Healthcare – Regardless of whether it an ad for beauty care treatments, weight loss surgeries, and programs or dental care, people feel safe to avail services from those establishments that have high ratings.
  • Repair and servicing – If one of your appliances is malfunctioning or you have a burst pipe with water flooding your hall, you will surely check the star rating of servicing agencies before putting in a call. Even local franchises with a rather limited area of operations will benefit from seller ratings Google AdWords.

Seller ratings might be more popular in some industries than others. However, whatever business you might be in, get ahead of the competitors with favorable Google Seller Ratings.