Google Maps Marketing and Local SEO

The optimization of the business on Google Maps is known as Google Maps Marketing. The goal of Google Maps Marketing is very simple. By getting a higher rank in the search engines, you can easily increase the significance of your business.

By optimizing your profile, you can get better chances to show up in the top results of Google Maps. No one can deny the importance of Google Maps Marketing. Its reason is that 3.5 billion searches are done on Google daily.

More than 88% of the searches are done by mobile. 76% of the searches are directly converted into sales by visiting the products at the local stores. Google Maps Marketing is known as the most important facet of local SEO work.

Set Up And Optimize GMB (Google My Business), Listing:

To create GMB (Google My Business) listing is free. Its reason is that by creating GMB (Google My Business) listing, you are not advertising your business because by creating GMB, you are telling Google about the existence of your business.

It is a fact that along with you, your competitors are also listing their businesses on Google. Therefore, after creating the GMB, the next step is to work for the higher ranking of your business listing.

Tips To Rank Better In Google Maps:

Just like Google, Google Maps also take into account lots of factors to provide better ranking to your listing. Anyhow, there are two most important factors.

First, the geographic distance of the person who is searching for a specific product or service. Secondly, the category of the business which is relevant to the search.

Now, the problem is that if you and your competitor are providing the same services and products from the same location, how Google will show up your business at the top position. Under such a situation, Google considers positive sentiments or good reviews.

Getting Good Reviews:

It is a fact that after purchasing from a company, most of the customers don’t like to post comments about the quality of the products or services of the company.

To keep in mind this behavior of the customers, most of the companies have developed systems to get positive reviews from the customers. First, some companies directly ask customers to post a review at the end of the purchase.

Secondly, some companies force the customers to leave reviews at the time of checkout. Thirdly, some companies provide QR codes for the reviews. Fourthly, some companies try to get reviews from the customers from the review requests. Fifthly, some companies provide a link to the customers to leave a review on Google.

A Checklist of Google Maps Optimization:

If we want to increase the ranking of a blog post, we have to follow some essential tips. Similarly, if we want to show our business at the top position in Google Maps, we have to follow this checklist as provided by a PhD dissertation writing service:

  1. We should create a GMB listing for our business.
  2. While creating a listing for our business, we should try to fill up correct information like address of the company, working days, business hours, the URL of the website to make a purchase of the product or service and try to list the specific offers.
  3. While creating a listing of our business, we have to select categories of the business. We should try to select the relevant categories only. Its reason is that Google Maps shows your business in the search results based on these categories.
  4. We should try to provide consistent information on all the business listing websites.
  5. We should try to upload high-quality photos of our company.
  6. Before uploading the listing, we should try to double-check the information on the listing.
  7. For the better ranking of our business listing, we should also try to cultivate the good reviews of the customers. It is possible only if we are providing the best products and services to the customers.
  8. After creating the best listings for the business, we should also try to talk about the business in Google My Business.
  9. Some other business directories are also available on the internet. You should also try to create listings of your business on these directories. This will also increase the ranking of your business listing in Google Maps.
  10. After applying these strategies, you should take an overview that either these strategies are working or not. For this reason, you can use analytics to get an idea about the performance of the listing of your business.

Track The Performance Of Google Maps Marketing:

For this reason, you will have to create a Google My Business account. Its reason is that on Google My Business account, you can get analytics of your business listings.

By taking an overview of the current position of the business listings, you can easily optimize it and move forward. For this reason, you should take an overview of lots of things.

First, you should try to know the behavior of the customers. It means that you should try to know how customers are searching for your products and services. By getting an idea about the behaviour of the customers, you can easily put your efforts in the right place.

Secondly, you should try to know where your customers are viewing your business on Google. This thing will provide you with an idea about the general search and map listing of your business. By knowing these metrics, you can easily attract the right customers to your business.

Thirdly, you should try to know the actions of the visitors. It means that by viewing your business in the search results, how people are giving response to your listing. By seeing your listing, either it is easy for them to find the exact location and website of your business or not.

At last, you will also get an idea from where customers are coming towards your business. This will give you an idea about the targeted keywords. Therefore, by focusing on the targeted keywords, you can easily attract more and more customers to your business website.