Hands-on: ‘Shadow Point’ is a Clever Room-scale Puzzler Narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart virtual reality

We have an opportunity to go hands-on together with all the room-scale puzzler, and it is poised to be a different smart and well-realized entrance in the studio.

In some instances, Shadow Point is a step into a new leadership for Coatsink, which formerly created only seated Virtual Reality names for Oculus 3DOF cellular headsets in addition to PC Virtual Reality headsets.

First beginning with a motion tutorial, including free locomotion, snap-turn, and teleportation, that I was immediately thrust into the thick of this game, which comprised some not-so-simple puzzles.
The game is low-poly to fit closely inside Quest’s small calculate overhead, but charmingly lit and textured nonetheless; it matches in visually with names such as the Windlands series such as.

The demo took me through many indoor and outdoor spaces, which have been connected with portal sites which could emanate from a wall after an integral puzzle has been solved, giving me brief glimpses of a woman as I followed her through what I can only suppose for a world separate from time and distance.

I can not say much about the mystical universe of Shadow Point just yet contemplating my brief time with Shadow Point, but to my attention, it appears to borrow some of those fantastical and comfy design languages of Studio Ghibli.   Stepping to a portal to a workshop, I discovered the woman again, but this time she was slightly old and was speaking about how she’d figured out the equation of how we might seep in time and distance again to meet up.

As for the puzzles, Shadow Point’s most important puzzle mechanic is developed on a fairly basic beginning principle: you locate things lying about that you subsequently hold up facing projectors to unlock doorways to move ahead.  The concept is to line up the shadow of this item perfectly so that it fits with its corresponding profile, so be it on the wall, a photo frame, or door.   The door’s decorative pattern includes an empty ring.  Taking a chunk from my stock, I hold it up just right, fitting it to the doorway’s decorative pattern and thus unlocking the door.  Things get more complicated, but I do not suspect that the game will be completely dedicated to everything you could pessimistically telephone a glorified’round peg in a round hole’ game.

The entire world of Shadow Point is cryptic, and it just gets more and more so that the further I developed.  While I spent a fantastic 20-ish minute playing the demo, I got a fast taste of the type of problem that would finally lay before me in what is guaranteed for a multi-hour game.  Since the woman vanished, I walked to the adjoining area to discover a mirror.  There, the lofty baritone voice of Captain Picard explained that the mirror was not all that it appeared, as it revealed another shape all collectively from the astrolabe now in my own hand.

There are a lot more puzzle mechanisms I did not get to experience firsthand too, since I got a sneak glimpse of this game’s trailer until I began the demo correctly.  Shadow Point also appears to provide the player a type of magic handheld looking-glass that affects the look of objects.  The trailer is a result of a launch sometime shortly, even though the studio also supplied a fast clip to demonstrate just exactly what I mean.

Though I had a limited time to dive into, I felt as though it had been fast into the tutorial that the fundamentals while basically giving me the room to find out the puzzles for me personally.  If Coatsink is convinced enough to leave me to my own devices with no constant chirping of a company telling me exactly what to do (Stewart only clarified basic bits of this story and puzzles as I went along), then we might have something intriguing on our palms.

Again, it is due out sometime this Spring once Quest starts.  When that is, we just don’t understand yet, but Facebook’s next huge chance to select the stage will probably be in their F8 developer convention, which will be going on April 30th — May 1st at San Jose, California.  That is just some nutritious speculation for you.