Are you doubtful of your partner’s private affairs negatively influencing your relationship? Having a detailed conversation with your beau can help you clear your doubts. But what if your partner is cheating on you and not providing you with facts?

You must be clear of the situation before you confront your married partner. For this, you can check out the mobile phone conversations and calls logs of your partner to get a clue of his engagements and activities. But if he would allow you to frequently access his phone? Fortunately, there is a monitoring app which lets you monitor the mobile phone of your partner without accessing it.

The iPhone spy application lets you track the iOS-supported mobile phone of your partner without taking that phone into possession. You can remotely check out the messages, call logs and contacts of your partner by tracking his iPhone with the best iPhone surveillance app. The surveillance app lets you track all online and offline conversations of your partner to keep you updated on his activities.

TheOneSpy iPhone Monitoring App

While there are numerous iPhone tracking apps, TheOneSpy is a high-tech monitoring app which lets you remotely monitor and manage the targeted iPhone. There is no need to install the spyware on the targeted mobile phone.

You just need to subscribe to the iPhone surveillance app to get the credentials of the online control panel of the spyware. Put the iCloud credentials of the targeted iPhone to the spyware control panel and start monitoring the iPhone of your partner.

The app will get access to the targeted phone data including messages, call logs, contacts, location history, internet history, and emails. The entire data is then uploaded to the spyware control panel from where you can monitor and download that data.

How to Monitor iPhone with Spy App

The iPhone Non-jailbreak surveillance app offers numerous features to track the iPhone of someone else without Jailbreaking the target phone or taking it into possession. We have rounded up here the main features of the spyware to let you know how the spy app lets you monitor your partner’s iPhone.

Track Text Messages

You can check out the messages of your significant other to know whom he is in contact with. The spyware accesses the messages received and sent by your partner and uploads to the secret online account. By logging into the control panel, you can read the text messages of your beau and see the contact detail of the message senders and receivers.

Track Instant Messages

The iPhone surveillance app lets you monitor the instant messages of your partner. It tracks WhatsApp Messenger, Line Messenger and many other instant messaging apps to keep your partner’s online communication under surveillance. You can track one-on-one and group chats consisting of text, photos, videos, stickers and emoticons.

Track Phone Calls

The spyware lets you track the secretive phone calls of your partner without accessing his phone. It accesses the detail of all incoming and outgoing phone calls and uploads to the online account. You can log into the confidential tracking account to see the call logs and download these logs for further evaluation.

Track Phonebook

The iPhone tracking app lets you find out the contacts of your partner by accessing the Phonebook of the monitored phone. You can remotely monitor name, phone number and email address of every contact and detect suspicious contacts. 

Track Appointments

The iPhone surveillance software lets you keep an eye on your partner’s appointments and meetings by monitoring the events marked on the calendar and alarms. 

Monitor Installed Apps

You can monitor the applications installed on the monitored iPhone. It lets you know which sort of applications your partner is using. For instance, if you find your beau using dating apps such as Tinder, it can be a sign that he has second thoughts in his mind about your relationship.

Track Web History

The tracking software for iPhone allows the end-user to track the internet activities of partner. You can find out which websites your partner frequently visits and which time they think appropriate to go online.

That’s not all. The iPhone spyware offers numerous other ways to let you track the activities of your partner. It provides you with enough evidence of his secretive affairs to update you on the actual situation.