How are Co-Ed Boarding Schools Different from All-Boys And All-Girls Schools?

Boarding Schools
Boarding Schools

Boarding schools follow a concept where students have to live in the premise in a hostel and has to follow a proper and disciplined routine. They learn to be less distracted and work towards achieving and becoming independent and making their own decisions.

The school authorities ensure that student receives proper guidance and motivation to focus more on exploring their abilities and working towards becoming an all-rounder.

While choosing a boarding school for your child, keep in mind the many benefits it has. There are different categories in which a school is divided i.e. all boys or girls school or the co-ed education system. Therefore, it is imperative to determine which school system will be beneficial for your child. 

Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each category to get better insight before making a choice.

The three distinct categories 

Co-ed boarding school

In the co-ed education system, girls and boys study together. It brings in the environment of cooperative and belonging to the structure where they learn to live and adjust with the opposite gender. 

In such a setting, students learn to socialize, communicate and learn to live with equality and respect for each other. These school systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the co-ed education system

  • These schools offer diversification
  • It promotes socialization among children
  • Ultimately, children have to work with their opposite genders. In this way, they learn to live and study together in cooperation.
  • It improves communication among both the sexes

Many parents prefer sending their children to co-ed schools since they believe that children should grow up in a healthy environment. Such kind of a setting can have a good impact on their upbringing and personality.

advantages comes a set of disadvantages as well

  • It can lead to distractions
  • Girls and boys learn differently but in a co-ed education system, they have to follow a common style.
  • When children of different genders co-exist in the same space, they may get intimidated by each other
  • Teachers are not able to concentrate or give attention to each child individually like the way a boy or a girl may need.

Girl’s boarding school

In an all-girls boarding school, the learning environment is customised according to a girl’s needs and nature. 

Girls are usually more competitive as compared to boys. They are provided with an environment that encourages them to become more achievement oriented and confident while making their choices.

Advantages of an all-girls school

  • The learning style of the school adapts to the needs of a girl and is designed keeping gender into consideration
  • Helps them prepare to become leaders especially in a male-dominated society
  • Schools provide an environment that ensures that they explore their strengths and do not feel limited.
  • All girls boarding schools hire teachers who are experienced working, teaching and dealing with a girls’ nature, learning style and demands.
  • With no boys around, they are less distracted.


  • They are unable to adjust to the opposite gender
  • They lack healthy personality development

Boy’s boarding school

All boys boarding schools have a curriculum that follows a set way of dealing with learning and space that is required for a boy to live. A boy’s way of living and learning is different from girls.

They are more impulsive and believe in constructive learning. t has been seen that boys prefer playing complex puzzles or practical games whereas girls usually don’t prefer rough playing.

While putting your child in an all-boys school, you will be ensured that your boy gets a comfortable environment that encourages their active and curious nature.

Advantages of an all-boys- boarding school

  • Boys prefer independent learning style, so in all-boys schools, they get an environment that allows them to be open and free towards learning and exploring new things.
  • They are under less social pressure to maintain social standards with the opposite gender.
  • They do not indulge in distracting behaviour such as impressing girls, showing off or dating.

Disadvantages of all-boys education system

  • They lack socialisation since they don’t learn about interacting and living with girls. They can face shyness in approaching and can get uncomfortable in working with them.
  • Both genders have a positive impact on each other, but in single-gender schools, they lack such influence on each other.
  • Usually, such schools are costly as compared to the co-ed education system.

Points to ponder on: summing up

Education plays an important role. Every child requires active attention and encouragement to face challenges.

While choosing the type of school, whether co-ed, all-boys or an all-girls school education system, it should provide maximum benefit to the child. They should work towards making your child a good leader and a disciplined individual.

Every school system has its set of advantages as well disadvantages. Choose the one that best suits your child’s needs and your expectations from the school towards your child.