Activity Box for kids

Children learn best through visual accompaniments and hands-on training. This can be through a DIY project and also by watching and earning through video, games, and other forms of instructive games that are popular for fun learning for the child.

Do-It-Yourself project is a fun-filled learning experience for the child; this is because the child gets to explore and learn through games and activities that challenge their way of thinking. For young children till the age of five or six, one of the best ways to approach learning is through games, which can be a puzzle or board game, allowing them chances at critical thinking and strategies.

Main benefits of using STEM kits

There are many advantages of training a young mind through games and activities which allows them to develop key skills through practice from a young age. Some of the main benefits of using these activity boxes are mentioned below, to show how effective these games are in training the children’s mind.

i)                    Promotes creativity and fosters ingenuity

ii)                  Encouraging experimentation

iii)                Enhances critical thinking

iv)                Resilience through many failures

v)                  Skilled knowledge applications

vi)                Promotes teamwork

vii)               Encourages technology use without boundaries

viii)             Encourages improvisation and adaptation

These are the main advantages of using activity boxes that promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics from a young age.

Are STEM kits a necessary aspect of a child’s life for success in these fields?

This is yet to be a proven point; although it goes without saying that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, if at all, any. This is a much-debated topic, with many stating the unending advantages of learning with STEM kits. There is yet to be a direct connection to be made between STEM activities and success in the same field at a later stage in life.

It is although established, that STEM kits and activities influence various other aspects of the child’s life. This is because it is creating positive thinking patterns, but by promoting critical thinking, curiosity, experimentation, and applications of various factors covered by the kits, problem-solving, coordination, teamwork and adaptations. All these areas are developed over time, with the completion of each small project.


One of the most common arguments is in regards to the child’s natural wishes, while some may excel at STEM kits and enjoy them, some other children may opt to create something, and practice crafts and other creative items that are easier for them to focus on. It is true that practice makes perfect, and therefore, starting at a young age to train the mind does wonders for training the brain in a healthy manner.

STEAM is the STEM with an additional A for arts. STEM and STEAM both teach a child to move away from the set and outdated learning methods of memorization of facts and figures, which really does not contribute much to the child’s overall learning; instead of promoting and encouraging children to be inquisitive, investigative and creative. This allows it to absorb and retain most of what they learn through repetition of the different skill sets to establish a little of both.

More school and education institutions are understanding the importance of having the children trained at different levels which can over time lead them to choose the best-suited activity as a profession; choosing the best-suited activity and profession at a later stage in life, can not only ensure that they excel at the work that they choose to do, but it also means that they are dedicated in their fields as they have pursued it out of sheer interest.

Choosing the right type of activity will depend on the child and their interests and skills, although parents may try to influence their minds in this regard. There are numerous DIY projects for kids in the market that parents can choose from to ensure balanced, inquisitive, creative growing minds for the future.

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