How cordless screwdriver helps an electrician?

Electric screwdriver

What is cordless screwdriver?

A cordless screwdriver is a power tool which is basically designed to insert and remove screws.  You can use some cordless screwdriver to drill the holes.  This cordless screwdriver basically runs on a rechargeable battery for this reason you do not need any kind of power cable. This cordless screwdriver is pretty much lightweight and easy to use which make this tool pretty much useful.

Who should have this cordless screwdriver?

The person who has pain in their hand cordless electric screwdriver for an electrician will be a smart choice for them. If you need a greater speed screwdriver then I think electric cordless screwdriver will be a smart choice for you.

Why should you have an electric screwdriver?

Electric screwdriver is a versatile, inexpensive and pretty much easy to use a tool as you never know when you will find yourself in a situation which a screwdriver will demand.  All these things show that electric screwdriver will help you in little emergency tasks. If you want to remove the screws or want to drill holes what will you do? You will call an electrician for this small task. I think it will be better if you have a cordless screwdriver in your home and you can do all this type of small task by yourself and you don’t have to call anyone for all this type of small tasks.

How much power should your driver have?

Each and every single person love to have a powerful tool on their home am I right or wrong? But every task will not be benefitted from a heavy-duty tool. The person who is planning to perform only light-duty tasks such as hanging up pictures, assembling furniture and this type of tasks which require you to drive screws into a low-density material then a tool with 3.6V battery will be a perfect choice for you.

When you are planning to do some light or medium-duty tasks with you’re with your cordless screwdriver then you have to have a tool which is more powerful then I think the 7.2-volt battery will be an appropriate choice for you.

When you are thinking of using your electric screwdriver for heavy-duty application at that time you need a screwdriver that will fall between 8 volts to 14.4 volts and that will be the perfect power to perform any kind of heavy-duty tasks.

How it help an electrician

This electric screwdriver will help an electrician while installing new electrical components or when you need maintenance and repair of existing electrical infrastructure at that time this electric screwdriver will be pretty much useful. When an electrician needs to drill a wall at that time this electric screwdriver is really helpful or while installing air conditioner in your room or shop at that time this cordless electric screwdriver will help you to perform your task.


I think after reading my post you have got all the answers about how cordless screwdriver helps an electrician. I hope you have found my post informative one. Another product which really helps an electrician in their work is construction stapler. If you go through this whole article and keep your concentration at each and every single point then I think it will be clear to you how electric screwdriver every person from household to electrician. I think this is really helpful to have in your home both for professional or any individual.