Pregnancy is one of the best things a woman could experience in her lifetime. But, what would happen if your baby arrives much before your due date? Yes! Your just born will carry a premature baby tag if he or she is out to the world before the 37th week of your pregnancy.  As early as your baby is born, the higher would be the chances for health issues and complications. But, today’s fast-paced technologies, improved medicines, and advanced neonatal care unit have decreased premature baby’s complications significantly. Still, as a new mom, it is a challenging and stressful situation as you need to provide extra care and support to bring up your little one with good health, proper growth, and development.

Here, we discuss how to take care of your little one, once he or she is out of the hospital. So, make sure to prepare and plan yourself before your preemie reaches your home.

  • Maintain your baby’s body temperature. Wrap your kid with vest, suit, blanket or zip-up sleeping bag whenever required. Adjust the wrapping based on the surrounding climate. Always, talk to your healthcare team before you do anything new as the high temperature can be fatal for the child. If you need any information, consult the doctor online and talk to your doctor directly from home at your convenience.
  • Practice a good sleeping pattern in your little one. Provide him or her with a warm, calm and a dim environment at night time. Offering a good night’s sleep can make the entire family with healthy living.
  • For the first few months, wipe your baby with plain water, especially soft cotton wool and change napkins whenever required.
  • Don’t use any moisturizing cream without a doctor’s advice. You can gently introduce baby wipes or lotions once his or her skin becomes robust.
  • Each time you damp your baby, wipe the skin immediately as there is an increased chance of getting cold immediately. Wrap a towel around and snuggle him as soon as he finishes his bath.
  • Keep a record of your baby’s growth milestone. Premature babies usually grow smaller compared to that of the full-term baby.
  • Premature babies should be protected from infections. The hands should be clean and dirt free before you touch the baby.
  • As a full-term baby, breastfeeding should be started right away after the preterm baby’s delivery. If your baby is unable to coordinate the suck, then feed your baby with nasogastric tube or spoon.
  • Avoid visiting public places to reduce the chance of infection.
  • Follow kangaroo mother care technique to help your premature baby needs. This technique involves the new-born to put on the adult’s chest. The following are the significant benefits of this kangaroo care:
  • It helps to maintain your baby’s body temperature by giving warmth. It also stimulates the child’s senses, provides safety and love, and protects from infection.
  • Skin-skin contact with your baby will increase the milk to let-down very easily
  • It increases the bonding of mother and the baby.
  • The kangaroo care technique helps the baby to fall asleep very easily which in turn increases the body weight of the baby.
  • Regular medical check-up and evaluation should be carried out to monitor the health of your baby. Also, follow the immunization chart as per your doctor’s advice. If he or she develops a fever after immunization, talk to your baby’s health care provider immediately. If any medicines are prescribed, order your medicines from any online pharmacy store and avail medicine discount on your every order.

Of course, providing special care to your preterm is a very crucial and important thing to reduce any serious health risk. If you want to know any special needs that require to be taken care of for the just born, talk to the pediatrician. Sometimes, as part of the routine, your infant’s doctor may recommend a few blood tests, hearing and vision tests after the discharge. A follow-up is also required for several years to measure the vision, hearing and motor skills. If your pediatrician finds any abnormality in your child, he may refer to the specialist for further assessment. If he prescribes medicines, order it from any trusted online pharmacy India and get your medicines delivered at your doorstep.

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