Sugar is a natural food product used across the globe. The sweetness of sugar adds flavor to our palate. People often describe themselves as they have sweet tooth or are more inclined towards sweets instead of savory food items. Even a pinch of sugar brings taste to boring food. It is a refined product carved out from the crop called sugarcane. India is a well-known producer of sugarcane.

Sugar is consumed in various forms. It is an integral part of human life since the birth of a child. The power of sugar is immense. The role of sugar ranges from the savior to harsh effect on the body.

For someone whose sugar level goes down below the demarcated level – sugar is the lifesaving drug. But for those whose sugar level is above those prescribed levels – it is a life-threatening product. Sugar and sugary products are the favorites at each stage of life.

There is a common saying in our culture “Kuch meetha ho jaye” after every meal. This added sweetness of our life can be enjoyed throughout life if consumed in just right quantities.

The rich sweet of sugar nonetheless adds flavor to our life but at the same time if consumed in excess quantity can have havoc effects on our body too.

How Does Too Much Sugar Affect Your Body

What happens when you eat too much sugar

The common opinion of doctors is that if one wants to increase the years of their life then they should avoid sugar.

Here are the reasons why eating too much sugar is bad for your health and life.


People even called sugar as a slow poison. The first and foremost disease that enters our body with the intake of sugar is Diabetes. Diabetes in the local language is called as a disease of sugar.

Once this disease enters the body then there is no cure for this only precaution can help from its life-threatening effects. The regular intake of medicated insulin can save the life of a diabetic. With diabetes, the whole body gets infected from head to toe.

Skin issues

Along with infecting the pancreas sugar give birth to various skin related problems such as itching, dryness, pain, and many more. It ages our skin as well. Sugar spikes insulin levels, which causes acne. The lower your sugar intake is, the clearer your skin will be.

Swelling in feet

The other common problem is swelling in the feet. People generally complain that their feet are aching and are facing swelling issues, due to the higher content of sugar in their body because sugar is linked to inflammation.

Kidney diseases

The more intake of sugar shoots the level of glucose in our sugar which becomes the prime source to damage the kidneys. Kidneys that handle the urinary function of our body once gets damaged are irreparable. The main contributor to the malfunctioning of kidneys is sugar.

Slowly a layer of sugar covers the kidneys that have a severe impact on the water discretion from the body. It is of immense importance that our kidney function rate is within the demarcations as prescribed by doctors. The sugar level of the body doesn’t hamper it. If the amount of sugar impacts the kidneys then it can lead to kidney transplants too.

Energy level

Overconsumption of sugar lowers the energy levels, weakens our immune system and you’re likely to feel tired after consuming sugary products.

Digestive system

Too much sugar is hard to digest and this causes gas, bloating, and heartburn.

Trouble sleeping

Overconsumption of sugar causes restlessness at night.

Some Tips for y’all to cut down on Sugar

As always, what affects our health is our daily and excessive consumption. Limit your sugar intake; it becomes a problem when it becomes the protagonist of your eating habit. Every year, Sugar Awareness Week is celebrated to help people become more aware of how to reduce their sugar intake.

  • Make your own dressings and sauces
  • Avoid fizzy drinks; go for water, milk, or unsweetened fruit juice.
  • Swap sugary breakfast cereals for porridge
  • Eat whole foods
  • Read Labels
  • Avoid processed food; processed food is full of sugar, salt, and preservatives
  • Use natural sweeteners like dates, mashes bananas, honey when making cakes, muffins, or cookies.
  • Eat healthy fats; they can help you to reduce sugar cravings.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Replace desserts with fruits


Overconsumption of sugar may not only lead your health to serious complications but also can impact our day-to-day issues such as mood, energy, sleep, weight, and digestion.

Always remember to brush your teeth after consuming sweet foods to avoid tooth decay.

This is the journey of sugar in our life from adding sweetness to adding medicines due to this sweetness. We can choose alternative ways to add sweet texture to our food such as jaggery, honey, stevia, and many more. The only way to consume and digest sugar is to exercise a lot and meditate for good health

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