SEO is the most important aspect of the development of any business. Nowadays, most of the companies are investing time, money and efforts on the SEO on their websites. The market is full of SEO agencies as well as individual SEO personnel. 

Still, one question confuses many business owners that is, “should I outsource my SEO to an agency or hire SEO personnel for in-house SEO? Answer to this question differs for everyone as per their needs, budget, and work. But, making the wrong choice in this scenario can waste your time as well as resources. 

So, you need to be vigilant to know what is best for your company. Remember that, both the sides have their benefits and limitations. Knowing them along with answering some quick questions can help you in reaching the right path. 

In-house SEO:


Having your own team of SEO professionals that will work all the time for the enhancement of your company’s search engine rank is a good option. In-house SEO has many advantages such as:

  • Full Attention: The SEO personnel of your company will have one chief long-term aim that is “reaching the highest search engine rank”. Unlike SEO agencies, they don’t have to focus on many websites and clients. They can give undivided attention to every task performed for the SEO of your business. It will lead to better results.

  • Proper Control: You can have full control over your in-house SEO personnel. You can ask them to work for extra hours someday if there is an urgent requirement. You can take crucial decisions like what will happen and when will happen. It means the control, authority, and decisive power will lie in your own hand. 

  • Confidentiality: You don’t need to worry about your important business-related data while working in-house. Your files, your strategies, and your results are safer within your office rather than at some SEO agency. 

  • Honesty: Your in-house employees won’t tell you expensive schemes for the sake of some extra bucks. When it comes to SEO strategies, they will give you honest advice as they are not going to get anything extra by suggesting expensive tactics.

  • Time-Saving: You don’t have to wait for e-mails and calls of any agency as your in-house team will be available in the workspace. Face to face discussions and instant meetings will save you time. 


On the other hand, there are some limitations to in-house SEO. 

  • Expensive: You will have to hire experienced SEO experts who know how to enhance the ranking. It means their pay scale will also be high. In addition, you have to pay for the membership of various SEO tools that will be required for implementing the strategies. You also need to conduct regular training programmes for enhancing their knowledge. All of this will be quite expensive. 

  • Out-dated Knowledge: SEO algorithm never remains the same so; the SEO professionals must be in regular touch with blogs or special training sessions that will keep them updated. Due to lack of time and such opportunities, the SEO knowledge of your employees can become out-dated. 

Outsourced SEO:

Delegating the tough task of SEO to an expert agency can also be a wise decision for some companies. The market is full of such SEO agencies. You can find an ideal SEO company in Delhi and other big cities easily. 


  • Wide Exposure: The employees of an SEO agency handle hundreds of different SEO projects. This gives them a wide range of exposure as compared to employees that work for a single company. Through this exposure, they can provide you with the desired result and high SEO ranking easily.

  • Updated Knowledge: When it comes to SEO trends and knowledge, SEO companies always have the edge over the in-house SEO professionals. These agencies put special focus on polishing the skills and knowledge of their employees as they have to provide visible results to their clients. Bad results and client reviews can affect their business so they can’t compromise with quality.

  • Flexible Offers: These SEO agencies offer flexible options and packages to their clients. It means that you have to only pay for the services you want. You can take one service only or two of them or an entire SEO plan; it totally depends on you.

  • Switching Options: You can anytime switch the agencies if you are outsourcing your SEO. Clients don’t hesitate in moving away from agencies that aren’t providing the promised results. If you will find the more attractive cost, services or plans in the market then, you can move away easily. 

  • Cost-Effective: You have to pay only the set amount to get the SEO services through any outsourcing agency. You don’t have to worry about SEO tools that are used in your research or extra time invested by the employees of the agency. You are free of all other extra expenses after paying the total amount. There are many cost-effective SEO companies in Delhi. 


  • Non-Smooth Communication: The SEO agency won’t be available all the time for communicating with you. They have many other clients so; they have to give equal time to all of them. Sometimes, you will have to wait for a long period to get their response. 

  • Conflicts: conflicts may arise if your thoughts didn’t match with the outsourcing agency. They would like to work in their own way to give you the results. However, some people who love to interfere and give their regular suggestions can have conflicts with the agency professional. 

Final Decision: 

The final decision relies on your company’s needs. Answer these questions to reach the right solution:

  1. What type of risks you can take?
  2. What is your SEO budget?
  3. How much control do you need over your company’s SEO? 

Knowing these things will clear the entire picture for you. So, choose wisely and understand that every side holds something good and bad. You have to control the negative elements and appreciate the positive ones to get the best SEO results.



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