Know Top Perfumes for Summer Beach Vacations


Summertime is not only about going to the hill station and enjoy the snow. Many of us take this time for heading towards the seashores, hanging out on the beaches and having the time of our life. We plan an outing with friends and family for a pool party or beach barbecue or a bonfire night full of fun and music. However, all this fun can come to a halt if there is poor body stink. On the beaches, you will be sweating a lot, which can often lead to a bad body stink over a period of time. Wearing the deodorant at this time is never sufficient, as they will evaporate in no time. No worries, we are here to help you with tips and fragrance suggestions from perfume experts.

Wearing Perfume On The Beach:

For making the perfume long lasting on the beach, it is important to follow certain tips. Here are some of the tried and tested ones:

Apply Vaseline before perfume: This is a tried and tested trick, which can add hours to your perfume. Applying Vaseline on your skin before spraying perfume over it gives perfume molecules something to stick on to instead of evaporating instantly. Since you will be going in the water and out a lot, this trick will keep your perfume in place.

Spray some on your hair: Even if your skin is unable to hold on to the perfume, spraying a little fragrance on your hair will help in holding the perfume in and making it last longer. When the wind will hit your hair, the perfume will dissipate around you making you smell amazing.

Use oil-based perfumes: As compared to the alcohol-based perfumes, oil-based perfumes have better chances of surviving. They have a lower evaporation rate and can survive in water as well.

Best Perfumes For Beach & Pool Party:

Various perfumes are available online in India on popular online perfume stores, but not all of them are able to give you amazing perfumed experience for beaches and pool parties. Over here, you need something very apt for the summer season and nothing less. Fruity, floral herby notes with a hint of mint and aromatic powdery and woody notes are perfect. Fresh notes with citrus are also great for pools and beaches. Some of the best perfumes that you can try out for the beach holiday are:

Mural De Ruitz Chill Bleu perfume: This eau de toilette for men contains fresh woody notes with a hint of mint in top layers. Very cooling and refreshing, perfect for the beach mood, this perfume will make you the life of every gathering.

Chris Adams Active Woman perfume: This Eau de parfum for women is everything you can ask for a summer perfume. It has a soothing playful mix of fruity and floral accords with aromatic woody notes and vanilla in the base making it perfect for summer.

Lomani Only Blue perfume: This eau de toilette for men contains fresh accords with citruses and spicy wood aroma in the main accords. It will add a refreshing zesty tangy touch to your personality.

Lomani Paris Secret perfume: This tinted Eau de perfumer is filled with aromatic vibes of a romantic summer evening. This fascinating perfume contains the aroma of fresh florals like Freesia, roses, magnolia, and jasmine with the manginess of oranges and warmth of musk and cedar. He will never leave your side when you will wear this perfume.

Keep Miniatures Handy:

Having miniature perfumes on you all the time can help in getting rid of the sweaty stink. You can try out the Scent Shot miniature perfume box with 7 international perfumes in one box. Use these perfumes according to your mood and moment while on a beach holiday so that you smell amazing all day long. They are small enough to fit into your pocket as well as in your purse so that you can carry them around without any hassle.

Each miniature perfume vial contains 5 ml of perfume, which is enough to last for about 5-7 days with optimal use. They contain high-quality perfumes from top-selling international brands, giving you a lasting for more than 6 hours in extreme conditions. With these mini perfumes at hand, you will never smell bad.

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