With the news of data insecurity making waves, Equifax has recently joined the list of big companies whose data has been breached in recent times. This shows that data security is not a trivial matter.

To think that your business will never experience a data breach is optimistic, but it is also unrealistic. Having this kind of mindset would prompt you to leave your network unguarded and susceptible to an attack if you are not prepared.

As part of our IT support for business London, we would be showing you ways with which you can improve data security within your organisation.

They include:


Keeping your business information secure is, in a way, part of your employees’ responsibility. The fact that they spend most of their workdays working around the network can make them vulnerable to attacks.

As a business owner, it is your core responsibility to enlighten each employee on your data security policy and best practices.

Their ability to recognise a phishing attempt or detect an email that might contain ransomware can save your company from a major data breach or attack. This is an integral part of IT support for business London.

Do well to keep your employees constantly updated on preventive measures that could save your company’s data.


From the computer’s perspective, your password is often the only bit of verifiable data that differentiates you from other persons.

There is no doubt that an effective password requiresa certain amount of characters, including at least one letter, one number, and occasionally one symbol with both capitalised and lowercase letters. While this may protect your credentials, a forceful attack will likely crack it.

This is true, but there is also the option of using a passphrase. A passphrase is a sentence that substitutes the password. Any of these approaches work well. A hacker will not know if you are using one method or the other, let alone which one.

Another effective way of securing an account is by using Two-factor authentication (2FA). It requires a second set of credentials that are delivered directly to you through a mobile device before access is granted.


Unified Threat Management, UTM is a tool that forms an important part of any data security plan. A UTM includes an enterprise-level firewall, antivirus solutions, a spam blocker, and a content filter to keep your employees away from risky websites. When you implement a UTM in your security measures, you will cover all the bases needed to secure your business. Another beautiful thing is that with a UTM, your reaction time to threats becomes faster. You will be able to respond to an attack and prevent it from doing more harm.

Data is important to business as water is vital to life. With more data, you can do more business, but with secured data, your business becomes the real deal.

To minimise the risk of a data breach, these three techniques or methods are very effective. Business cannot be performed without data and data without security is dangerous to the growth of business. It is pertinent that you tighten up every loose end on this IT-related concern.

Totality Services provide business IT support in London,including best practices for maintaining and protecting your business. For IT services in London, do reach out to us. We are committed to reducing cybercrimes like hacking and its negative effects on business.

Customers will stay much longer with your business when you are able to assure and provide them with maximum data protection. The key to attaining this level is when you prioritise data security.

With each passing day, more businesses are hit, and data is lost. Give your business a chance to survive this with a Premium IT Support in London.  Act now.