Latest Carpet Care Technology

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Though a carpet adds style to your décor, provides insulation for floors and prevents slip-and-fall accidents for children, it is true, that it also traps dirt, germs and allergens. It is imperative to regularly vacuum the carpet but is it enough when the soil has grounded into the fabric of the carpet? A greasy film is formed on the surface with time, that attracts all types of pollutants making the carpet dull and dusty.

You need a three-dimensional cleaning that will not only ensure length to breadth extraction but will also go deep to take care of the bottom padding of the carpet. The latest three-dimensional cleaning has been possible with the latest advancement in chemical engineering. New polymers have been created that can encapsulate the debris and ensure deep and effective cleaning in record time.

Yes, professional carpet cleaning is no longer limited to steam extraction methods, but it has led to new methods for carpet beautification that infuses new life in the carpet.

Gone are the days of wet techniques to shampoo the carpets with minimum 4-6 hrs drying time, but the latest “very low moisture” system allows instant drying and minimum re-soiling. Instant carpet cleaning is no longer a misnomer and is widely used in 24-hour commercial installations like restaurants and hospitals.

Here is a brief outline of the VLM methods that ensures a three-dimensional, thorough cleaning.

Pre-treatments using emulsifiers

Solvents like d-limonene, or butyl agents are first sprayed over the carpet. They work by breaking the binding of greasy residues that holds dirt to carpet fibers. A special VLM counter-rotating cylindrical brushes is used to agitate the fibers and allow deep penetration.


A deep-cleaning polymer is used for crystallizing or encapsulating deep-seated pollutants into dry, crystalline residues on contact, which is then vacuumed using the powerful, built-in unit of the VLM machine. This latest carpet cleaning technology is common for commercial carpet cleaning but is also gaining popularity for residential cleaning.


Bonnet is widely used in commercial carpet cleaning and refers to the usage of a special absorbent pad that attracts dirt, allergens and grime off the carpet. It cannot be used for plush carpets as the bonnet can destroy it beyond repair.

Solvent Extraction

A d-limonene based cleaner is used with a hot water extraction machine for deep cleaning. However, this process is not entirely dry cleaning and needs 1-4hrs drying time, depending on the fabric of the carpet.

Green Technology

Breakthroughs in chemical engineering has led to the creation of environmentally friendly carpet-extractors, pre-spray cleaners and bonnet buffs which also meet the Environment (DfE) program. If you have children, pets and older adults who suffer from allergic reactions, green products which include hydrogen peroxide must be used that do not release harmful toxins into the air and improve the indoor air quality (IAQ). The environmentally preferable pet stain removers use encapsulation chemistry to destroy the organic residue and eliminate the odour.

Residential carpet cleaning service Peabody specializes in using these high-end green products with the latest carpet care technology to provide the safest and effective way of carpet cleaning, that restores the carpet fiber back into the condition it was in when it came from the mill. So, while you busy yourself with important things for your last-minute party arrangements, carpet experts will ensure not only a visually pleasing result but also a longer-lasting, healthier carpet.

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