Isn’t it a beautiful day and your children are eagerly waiting to go outside on their kid’s electric ride on? But busy roads and rash drivers scare you from sending your children alone on the way. We understand your concern and have listed some vital bike safety tips to make it easy for you! But before that, let’s learn what the importance of bike safety and helmet in the life of riders is.

Is bike safety paramount?

Biking could be the best memories of someone’s childhood but could be a nightmare for some, if the person is negligent. Every year a considerable number of kids seek their doctor because of severe bike injuries. So, it’s essential to teach our kids that bikes are not a toy to play but a vehicle to be handled with full precautions and safety measures.

Do kids require to wear a helmet while bicycle riding?

Wearing a helmet is not a requirement but a necessity that protects your head, face and brain from injuries during a fall.

But kids are careless and find it very tricky to carry their helmets along. Most of the pocket bikes for kids have a space to hang helmet around, or you can get a helmet hook attached to their bike. 

Here are the things you should keep in mind while wearing a helmet:

  • Make sure to ask your kid to wear a helmet every time he/she goes for a bicycle ride even if it’s a short ride.
  • Buy a helmet that fits your kid well
  • Help your kid is wearing a mask in the right way. It must cover his/her forehead adequately without tipping back.
  • Restrict wearing a hat under the helmet.
  • Put some reflective stickers on helmets that are visible from far distances.

How to select an appropriate bike for your kid?

Riding a bicycle of an appropriate size helps to keep your child safe. Here are the things you need to check while getting a bike for your kid:

  • Ask your kid to stand straight on the top bar of the bike and check whether both feet are flat on the floor or not.
  • There must be at least 2 to 3 inches of space between the top bar and kid.

If you don’t want to go for high price bikes, you can easily choose different variants in cheap dirt bikes for kids.
Safety checklist for bicycle riding:

Make sure to add these things while going for a bicycle ride:

  • Tight up wheels, seat, and handlebars properly.
  • Check whether the bicycle chain is oiled or not.
  • Make sure that breaks are working well.
  • Check the tires of the bicycle that they have sufficient air and enough tire pressure.

Safe places to ride a bicycle. 

Parents should make sure to take their kids on the following places for bicycle riding:

  • Where they are allowed to ride a bicycle.
  • Always prefer to ride in a street or a sidewalk. Kids below ten years should avoid riding the roads and prefer a path.
  • Avoid the roads with obstacles such as big puddles, rocks, thorny bushes, etc.
  • Never ride a bicycle on busy roads.
  • Daytime bicycle riding is safer than riding bicycles at dusk and night.

No matter where they are riding their bicycles, the children must keep an eye on their surroundings. Ask them to walk their bike while crossing a busy road.

Road rules to teach your children:                  

Parents are the first guide of their children. So, it becomes your prime duty to teach these road rules to your beloved children:

  • Never leave hands on the bicycle handlers while riding.
  • Always cross the roads at intersections.
  • Follow traffic lights while riding and crossing.
  • Make sure to ride on the right-hand side of the road, so that they ride in the same direction as other cars.  
  • Make efficient use of bike lanes whenever possible.
  • Maintain a distance from the parked cars as doors could open suddenly.

So, here we conclude  our bike safety tips for kids. I hope you have learned enough about it. Don’t forget to teach your children everything in detail.

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