Local SEO strategy, how can I position myself better?
Implementing a Local SEO strategy is a great advantage for local businesses. And the data confirms it,
Google is the first source of consultation on local businesses, neither more nor less, that 86% of
consumers search on the Internet to find the businesses in their city. Are you going to miss that
opportunity to make yourself known?
Like any issue on the Internet, background work is necessary, and SEO was not going to be less.
Therefore, we leave a series of steps to be followed in order to enhance the Local SEO strategy:  Choose the keywords.
It is important that they conform as accurately as possible to the commercial activity you are engaged
in. Do not get carried away by words that have large search volumes and that are usually generic
because, it will be very difficult to position ourselves and it will take a long time. We must find more
concrete words that define our activity and that our potential clients use.  Delimit the geographical area in localities or even neighborhoods.
The good thing about Local SEO is that we focus on one area, so we will not compete with so many
pages and it will be easier to position ourselves. In addition, most people looking for local businesses are
looking for them in their area, so these types of words have very good results.  Be clear about our target audience and how you will look for us.
We must be clear about the words we choose, we may use technical words that our target audience
does not use. We have to be able to position ourselves by the words that users will look for, not by
colleagues.  Analyze the competition.
If there are words that are working for the competition, why not us? We can get ideas and see returns
of keywords “SEO service” on the competition. It doesn’t have to be direct, for example, we can see
someone with the same business as ours, but in another location it has good results with some words
and we can apply them to our business by adapting the locality.  Work with Google My Business
Have you seen a map and a few businesses appear in any of your searches? Well, that is Google My
Business, it also works when someone searches on the map, but what interests us is to go out on
Google. It is a free service that makes it much easier for customers to find you.

In addition, it generates a lot of trust in customers, even if they find you in another way, do not doubt
that people will look for your My Business card to see where you are, see photos of you and also review.
As mentioned above we can think of our SEO agency with which we work to position ourselves with
several terms such as SEO Company Noida, Noida SMO Company, SEM Agency Noida, etc … Working
Local SEO is not something exclusive for those companies that have a physical product It is also very
interesting for companies that provide services such as lawyers, dentists, consultants and agencies,
storage rooms and warehouses, psychologists, private health clinics, etc…
With all this information you can start taking the first steps to work on Local SEO. You dare? If you have
any doubts, do not get overwhelmed, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.

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