Modern Shower Enclosure Glass and Their Repairs

There are multiple types of shower enclosures. It all depends upon the type of enclosure you want that would go effective with the type of bathroom styling you intend to use. However, while choosing an enclosure design one should keep in mind the type of shower enclosure glass repair it would need in case there comes damage to the enclosure.

The shower enclosures can be installed as a whole or can replace the old glass door as well. Some of the enclosure designs include:

  • Frameless Doors:

Frameless door enclosures are tempered glass with more than the 3-inch thickness that can be fit without the support of the metal frame. Without the metal frame, the frame gets a cleaned line look that is free of any visual obstructions. One of the many reasons behind the popularity of the frameless doors is their obstruction free body that allows showcasing of tile designs, hardware etc.

In addition to the increased attraction of the frameless enclosures, their installation, as well as the repair, are expensive and nearly double in comparison to the standard frame enclosures costing $200-$500 more than the ordinary expenditure.

Experts in shower enclosure glass repair MD will be charging according to the type of the glass encountered as well as recommend either to repair or to replace the entire glass. In addition, glass repair companies give multiple options and efficient hardware finish as well to ensure satisfaction results.

  • Framed Shower Enclosures:

On the contrary, there are framed shower enclosures that come with framed doors. These are more compatible and strong than their frameless counterparts with the support of the aluminum frames that gives durability.

In addition to the increased strength of the frame, exquisite designs are also available with non-tinted or tinted windows, textured or non-textured glass. Moreover, the frame enclosures provide the ability for multiple doors opening options being attached to the frame. These can involve sliding doors, pivoting doors or bi-fold doors.

The average repair of the framed shower door enclosures involve charges ranging from $100-$300 that are at least half of those that are spent on the repair of the frameless doors. The repair of framed shower enclosures can involve entire frame repair, installation of the frames or single glass, replacement and restoration etc.