What to Look For In a Motorcycle Backpack before Buying One

Motorcycle Backpack

If you are a motorcycle owner or you are thinking of switching from a four-wheeler to a two-wheeler, you must be excited. However, there are some important aspects that can ruin your excitement.

Among these, few very important things are the capacity of luggage that we have on a motorcycle. Compared to a four-wheeler, you can reach your destination on time and save a lot of money and time, but you might find it hard to adjust your luggage or carry stuff around.

The best thing that you can get for carrying your items around is a motorcycle backpack. Although you can find saddlebags, back carry, and tank bags as well, if you have something that is fragile, your only friend is a good motorcycle backpack that you can wear.

While buying a motorcycle backpack, most people get confused about the features and properties that define a backpack as good or bad, and for this reason, especially it is very important to know about the backpack, its quality, and things that you might want in a good backpack.

We all know that price matters, but there are few other things that are equally important, and to narrow down your search, we have listed few things that can make it quite easy for you to search for a good backpack.



We all know that we brag about the capacity, and if we could simply pick out one thing, we would simply hang to the capacity while choosing our motorcycle backpack.

However, within the capacity, you cannot just rely mainly on the number of pockets but also the placement of these pockets and how big these puckers are. We have seen that there are so many pockets in a backpack, but either they are too small, or they are on the inside or at fairly odd places that most of us find it very hard to even use these pockets.

So, if you want to have more capacity, make sure the pockets are more on the outside than on the inside. While buying a good backpack for carrying your luggage around, you will find some backpacks with hardcovers, this means there is a limit to their capacity, so you need to get something that is an easy adjustment.

There are few bags that have an additional zip on the outside, and once you open that up, you can have more capacity. Try aiming for something that is flexible, and you can easily stuff your things in that backpack.

Inner Layering and Bedding

Inner Layering and Bedding

Inner layer and bedding mean that your backpack must have an internal layering that is stuffed with a cushy material; this can be a sponge or a foam. This will help you in carrying tech-based stuff or gadgets because they are usually very fragile.

If you do not understand why you need a layer of foam at your age, you can understand it by the example that you need to protect the screen of your laptop or mobile even if you have other things inside your bag.

There are so many cases where people hardly care about their gadget, and if there is some sharp object inside the bag, it sometimes ends up damaging the screen or LCD of the gadget.

Straps and Carry Ropes

Side Storage

While buying your motorcycle backpack, try it on a few times. One thing that is very important about backpacks is that you need to carry them on your back while you ride your motorcycle.

This also means that you need to make sure there is support at the bottom so that it stays in place and your motorcycle seat gives your back some support. Just one strap for carrying a bag is not enough, so we should recommend you to get something that can help you get some extra support.

For most people, extra supports means a few extra handles, but for motorcycle saddlebags, extra supports means some buckles that you can close at the front of your chest.

This will support the weight and evenly distribute it on your back, shoulder, and chest. For longer road trips, this arrangement of carrying luggage is ideal, and it is recommended by professional motorcycle riders as well.

Side Storage

Side storage is very important because we have seen that most people have backpacks with storage pockets inside, so if they want to get something out on the go or just hang something, they have no place.

Usually, for the gloves and protective gears, there are simple and open pockets on the outside, and you just need to stuff these pockets on the go.

Imagine you have a bag with a small pocket secured by the zip, so every time you want to reach out for your gloves, you have to open the zip, which is not very convenient.

Additionally, if you want to carry a water bottle, you want to make sure you have a small pocket on the outside as well so you can stuff your bottle there.