Good and quality sleep is essential for the health and the functionality of the body. Regular sleep is as important as food and exercise. However, our environment affects the sleeping patterns and schedules. According to a survey, people sleep less as compared to the past. You will also amaze to know that sleep quality is also decreased.

There are various reasons which can affect the sleep. However, the reasons why good and quality sleep is important are described below.

Poor sleep makes you fat

Poor and low quality sleep can make you fat. People who sleep short duration as compared to those who sleep adequate weighs significantly more. In other words, short sleep duration is the worst factor for obesity.

According to a survey, adults and child who sleep less were 55%and 89% more likely to obese, respectively. The negative effects of sleep on weight gain is usually affected by numerous factors, including motivation to exercise and affected hormones.

If you are trying or want to lose weight, simply increase your sleep quality to make your muscle relax.

Productivity and concentration

Sleep is important for various aspects; it also increases the functionality of the brain. Good sleep can also enhance the cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance. As you know good sleep increases this functionality, in the same way, sleep deprivation can badly affect the performance of your body.

Good sleep can maximize athletic performance

Good and quality sleep increases your brain functionality as well as keep us physically fit. According to research, quality and good sleep can affect your reaction time, speed and accuracy of the body.

Poor and less sleep is also associated with poor functional limitation and performance.
According to research, more than 2,800 women were found affected by poor sleep.

Heart disease and stroke

It is a known fact that sleep duration and quality have a major effect on health risk factors. These factors are involved in chronic disease including heart disease and stroke.
According to the research of students, people who sleep less are at greater risk of stroke and heart disease than those who sleep 7 to 8 hr per night.

Poor sleep and depression

Mental health issues such as depression occur when you take poor sleep. More than 90% of the people with depression complain that they have problems getting asleep. This shows the linking between sleep and depression.

Poor sleep is also associated with an increased risk of health by suicide. People who have obstructed sleep apnea or sleeping disorder also report higher rates of depression than those without.

Sleep improves the immune system

Even a small loss in sleep can affect the immune system badly. Research on the larger scale shows that the one who sleeps less than 7 hours are most likely to develop a cold than those who sleep eight hours or more.

Poor sleep can increase inflammation

Poor sleep can badly affect your body and can increase inflammation. Less and Poor sleep is known to undesirable markers of inflammation and cell damage.

Social interaction and emotion

Sleep loss reduces the ability to interact socially. According to research, people who had not slept had a reduced ability to recognize an expression of happiness and anger.

Always try to get the quality sleep for at least 8 hours. If you find it difficult to get asleep, you can use medication. You can buy sleeping pills online to treat your sleep disorder. As nutrition and exercise are important for health, good sleep is also a pillar of health.