Every woman wants to feel the happiness of becoming mother. You too must be going through the blissful phase at present. As you approach the second trimester, you experience a feeling of clumsiness, you get a bout of jitters and you get aches in your lower back and joints recurrently. Do you know why these things happen in pregnancy? It is due to the rise in the relaxin hormone. It is the hormone which plays a vital role in pregnancy. The right balance of relaxin hormone can normal delivery convenient. In this article, you will come to know the prominence of relaxin hormone at the time of pregnancy.

A note on the relaxin hormone

Relaxin is a hormone which is there in every person’s body, be it a male or female. Relaxin is present even in women who are not in the pregnancy stage. When you are not pregnant, the relaxin hormone is at a lower level. But, when you are in a family way, then the level of relaxin hormone gets increased especially in the first trimester. There are many pregnancy cases where implantation does not occur. The relaxin hormone is good with implantation and it also helps in the development of placenta.

Relaxin hormone produces in a woman’s body mainly during pregnancy. The hormone starts during ovulation period. When does relaxin peak during pregnancy? It steeps high in the first trimester of pregnancy and when a woman reaches in the last few weeks before delivery.  Relaxin soothes the pelvic muscles, making the delivery easy for a pregnant woman.

Prime role of relaxin hormone

  1. In order to make your baby accommodate in the womb, the abdominal muscles need to keep stretching in the pregnancy months. The relaxin hormone stretches the muscles of your abdomen when you are pregnant.
  2. If there is an increased level of relaxin hormone during pregnancy, then the high level of relaxin helps the ligaments and tendons to become flexible.
  3. During pregnancy, pressure exerts on the diaphragm which is the result of the developing uterus. Relaxin hormone extends the rib cage in order to make a pregnant woman’s body adjust well to the pressure which has been exerted on diaphragm.
  4. The pregnant women bear pain in the uterine contractions on and off in pregnancy days. The relaxin hormone not only averts premature births, but also averts the contractions in uterus during pregnancy.
  5. Relaxin helps pregnant women have a natural birth process, as the hormone extends the pelvic muscles which make the baby pass easily.

Side effects associated with relaxin during pregnancy

Relaxin hormone has some side effects. The hormone may put a negative impact on the spinal ligaments which give rise to pain in back. Correct posture during pregnancy can prevent back pain. Relaxin hormone can change the bone structure and make the bone structure of hip joints, legs and other nearby joints worse due to the presence of relaxin hormone. The only cause of pain in the pelvic joints in pregnancy is the presence of relaxin hormone. At times, you may feel disbalance in walking which is again due to the presence of relaxin. The hormone makes the muscles and joints loose which might create injuries.

When does relaxin peak, you should consult to tote health care professional. To know more about the relaxin hormone, you can seek assistance from the experienced staff of the esteemed health care provider.