Secret of Idol Worshiping and the mystery of Temple Building

Secret of Idol Worshiping and the mystery of Temple Building
Secret of Idol Worshiping and the mystery of Temple Building

Idol Making

India is the only place where they went into involved systems of sculpture-making. This method has been misconstrued by other cultures as worshiping various dolls as a deity. No.

Here people are very much reactive that it is we who craft the shapes and structure. If you look at it from the point of view of modern skills, we know today that all is the same energy, yet the whole lot is not the same in the world.

This identical energy can be like an animal or it can purpose like the Divine. As I state “the Divine,” I am not saying about you as a creature.

I am talking about the body itself. The physical body can be transformed into a Divine creature if we just reorganize our systems in an exacting way. You can also talk or consult our Indian sculpture artist to know the Secret of Idol Worshiping and how those Statues are crafted.

These statues are crafted according to Vastu Shastra which is later used for Worshiping like a deity. These sculptures are crafted as per scriptures and Vedic Vastu, which help us to magnetized the positive energies of our home and society.

Demonstration of Energy

There is an entire mystery of statue-making where a positive form is created with a meticulous material and energized in a convincing way.

Different sculptures are prepared in unlike traditions where they arrange or rearrange the chakras in convinced positions in the method to make them into totally different potential.

Sculpture-making is the mystery through which you marked the energy in a particular way so that your quality of life can be improved. Not only statues are made according to Vastu but the temple also has unique and special architectural designs.

Indian, Hindu temple architect design temples according to the Hindu temple architecture.

The mystery of Temple Building

Ancient temples in our country were not constructed for worship. Only over a period of time, it has become the way it is nowadays. Shrine building is a very Mystery science.

If the basic aspects of the temple, the size and shape of the sculptures, the mudra that the statues holds, the garbha griham, the Parikrama, and the mantras you use to sanctify the idol are correctly matched, a powerful energy environment is created.

Temple in our country is made according to Vastu Shastra. Vedic temple design is Vastu for Hindu temple construction.

What to do in the temple and An Energy Space

In Indian custom, nobody told you that if you go to a temple, you must worship and ask for something. They told you if you go to the holy place, you must sit down for at least 2 to 3 minutes and then leave

the temple. But today, you just touch your foot to the floor and run away! This is not the way. You are essential to sit there because there is a ground of energy that has been formed.

In the morning, before you go out into the world and manage your business, the first thing you do is go sit in the temple for 2 to 3 minutes at least. This is a way of revitalizing yourself with very encouraging vibrations of life so that you go into the world with a different viewpoint.

Temple, Not a Place of Prayer

In the ritual, it is also said that an individual who has started his own saintly process need not go to the temple every day. Or in other words, the temple is a community revitalizing place.

If you have your own revitalizing system, then you do not have to go to the place of worship. The temple was not formed as a place of a deity or a place of prayer. No one was ever permitted to lead a prayer.

It was created as an area of energy where everybody could go and make use of it.


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