Labour Lawyers in Dubai

With the expanding economy, people are looking for better prospects to earn well and maintain a better lifestyle. With a lack of job opportunities people travel oversees to settle and earn a better living than they get in their own countries. This trend of migrant labourers has been highly seen in the Middle East, especially in Dubai.

So who are migrant labourers?

These are unskilled workers, who are mostly moving around, found mostly in the region around India, Middle East, Western Europe and many parts of North America.

The difficult side of being a migrant labourer

These labourers are offered jobs on a temporary contract, which means the work is quite difficult and dangerous as well. They face a lot of discrimination from other local population; they are mostly hired by companies that are into construction work or in manufacturing industries, to do work at minimum wage with the output taken at maximum profit. They usually don’t have any permanent base.

They face many kinds of abuse by the public, employers and officials under which they work. Many countries such as India and the Middle East, Dubai have shown that they are heavily dependant on the labourers for the majority of work needed to be done for economic development.

Different challenges faced

With getting low wages and working in shoddier conditions, these labourers face many psychological, social and gender-based bias, issues that requires a lot of attention from government and non-government organisation (NGO) that can help in giving them a better standard of living and some basic education and training for personal development.

Social problems such as social excursion, xenophobia and tedious labour along with depression, fear, mental and physical abuse are among the few problems faced by migrant labourers. Many even face issues of unpaid wages due to which they end up committing suicide or crimes. They stay away from families and their native place for long which can become quite stressful for them.

With living overseas, there are additional issues of facing many barriers in terms of the local culture, language spoken and understood and lack of health services which can further affect their standard of living

Women migrants

The women labourers face more issues than the men labourers. They are forced to work as domestic help; they sometimes are subject to violence and sexual abuse as well.

Children trafficking

Many children are forced into begging and doing petty jobs to contribute to the income of the family, with a lack of education and basic health and hygiene they are considered as the most vulnerable of them all.

Loss of documents

Many times employers or officials can seize the official documents of these migrants to make it difficult for them to escape and they end up getting dependant on them for everything. Migrants, with lack of documents, even bear the fear of getting arrested for illegally living in the host country.

Various benefits and steps taken by the government

With many authorities gearing up to bring in benefits to these labourers, there are many NGO’s, human right advocates who are working towards bringing them a better lifestyle along with providing legal benefits that are within their rights.

The work of labourer lawyers in Dubai

Many migrants especially living in Dubai, if faced with any sort of problem can get in touch with labour lawyers in Dubai, who actively work towards providing rightful opportunities, salaries on time and focus on their mental and physical wellbeing as a whole.

Migrants can easily report any kind of mistreatment, any missing documents or requirement of passports or any other document by contacting these advocates in Dubai. They are allotted fixed working hours, with fixed salaries, a provision of compensation for overtime and a certain number of vacations or holidays that are considered mandatory.

Summing up

In recent times, the numbers of migrant workers have increased rapidly; they are focussing more on benefits rather than the dark side of things. With a lack of job opportunities, people are easily tempted by the work opportunities that are provided oversees at low wages. While they work in exploitative conditions, they work hard towards providing the basic necessities for themselves and their families.

Many communities and advocates work towards improving their living situation and getting their legal rights to improve their psychosocial conditions. With proper training provided, this can in turn help reduce unemployment and generate more GDP for the country.