Does the cool season of heavy rains and frequent downpour brings fear into your mind? or is it the disease like cough which comes along with chilling wind is the main cause of your worry?

Cough can be hard to get off. Following are some guidelines on how to manage cough with the help of Ayurveda Treatment Chandigarh.  To get rid of Cough Let’s explain everything in detail 

A cough is your body’s way of responding when something irritates your throat or airways. When forced air comes out of the mouth with an explosive noise is termed out as cough.

Symptoms of Dry Cough

  • Breathing difficulties, Recurrent Cough spells
  • Mucous resembling frothy soap lather, after a coughing spell
  • Whizzing sound heard in the lungs
  • Sneezing and Irritating Nasal Drips
  • Low Fever, chest heaviness, pain in calf muscles, and Chest pain.
  • Lack of Sleep and Total Fatigue.

Ayurveda Treatments:

  • Prakriti analysis of the patient
  • Nidana parivarjana : Avoiding the causes is  the main treatment protocol

Snehana : Intake of medicated ghee /oil according to the condition of disease. 

Shiro Abhyanga – means performing massage on head 

Svedana- (Fomentation / Sudation) It is type of treatment where sweating is induced, usually done after abhyanga or snehana . 

Shiro pichu and shiro basti – These are also the treatment protocols followed where in case of shiro pichu , paste made out of herbal drugs are applied over the head for a particular time 

Shiro basti : Which means pooling of herbal oils or medicated liquids on head and retaining for certain time periwithin a constructed compartment .


Vasti – In case of Vasti ,Niruha basti is more beneficial , which is given through medicated kashayas 

Conservative line of management is followed to stabilize the mind, Brahmyadi varti, nimbapathyadi dhoopa, kalyanaka ghrutha  etc can be prescribed.