Thrilling Trip: Things to do in Himachal for Adventure Lovers

Blessed with natural wonders like mountains, rivers, and waterfalls, Himachal Pradesh is the ideal destination for adventure lovers. This state offers a plethora of fun-packed adventure activities to thrill the nerves and pump the adrenaline rush of tourists! 

If you are an adventure junkie and thinking of visiting Himachal, then think no more! Yes, start planning your trip as you are going to be enthralled in every possible way in Himachal! Let’s know about the adventure activities that are waiting for you in the beautiful towns 

River Rafting: 

Himachal houses many rivers like Beas in Manali, Sutlej near Shimla, Ravi near Chamba and Spiti River in Spiti Valley. All these rivers are ferocious enough to make your river rafting experience amazing! 

Go for river rafting if you ever wish to master the art of controlling your boat in fierce tides! Leave your worries behind as one expert will be there in your boat to handle it in case of an emergency. This is one of the most electrifying activities of Himachal! 


Himalayan mountains of Himachal hold zillion of trekking trails with different difficulty levels, altitudes, and vistas. That’s why Himachal is a hub of trekkers and people who want to learn the art of trekking. 

The best thing is you can choose your treks as per your level of expertise and degree of thrill that you want to experience! Trekking in Himachal offers you unique experiences, breath-taking views and lots of unexpected yet amazing events! 

Para Gliding: 

Level up your expectations before we start talking about Paragliding in Himachal! Yes, the sport is blood-chilling as you are going to jump off a lofty cliff with your gliding gear. You will float in the air for a few minutes and savor the marvelous panoramas before landing down.

You can try paragliding in Bir Billing, Solang Valley, and Bundle Dhar near Bilaspur. Paragliding is a sport that requires proper air pressure so, check about the services before planning your trip.

Ice Climbing: 

If you are going to visit Himachal during winters, then this sport is a must try for you! This experience is truly unique as it is not just simple mountain climbing. Yes, you are going to climb on the frozen mountainous peaks, lakes, and glaciers, that too in a bone-chilling winter. 

This activity is tough and requires stamina as well as muscle strength. So, go for it if you have the experience of mountain climbing. 


Adventure freaks can also go for heli-skiing during winters in Himachal Pradesh. This sport is quite different from normal skiing as you are going to be in a helicopter through which you will be practically dropped to the unexplored and very high icy terrains for skiing. 

You will be skiing downwards from there and enjoying another level of thrill while doing so! You need good skiing skills to try this amazing activity. The ice looks beautiful when it flows like powder as you slide through thick icy cliffs!