Hair Loss – Some Statistics

In the USA alone, there are more than 80 million people who suffer from some complaints of loss of hair. Out of this number, more than 21 million are women, which suggests that men are harder hit. That is why see more shampoos advertised for women which promise strength, shine, bounce etc., but not too many advertisements that speak about hair loss shampoo for women. Globally, by the time they cross the age of 40, more than 70% of men would have begun to experience some degree of hair loss.  As the average increases to 55, this percentage jumps to as much as 85%. Whatever the gender of the affected person, it is a fact that hair fall is a rampant problem. Because it is so common, it does evoke widely divergent opinion about how to treat. Based on a few anecdotal evidences which were not enough to corroborate a fact, many myths have become accepted almost like the truth. Let us look at a few of these myths.

Hair Loss – Some Common Myths

Shampoo is responsible – There are several people who still believe that shampoo is actually harmful for hair, and can lead to hair loss because of the harsh chemicals in it. This is not true at all, and if you still have doubts, you must use a good conditioner along with the shampoo. If you are not able to muster confidence to use a regular shampoo, you should go in for a natural ingredient based product made without sulfates or parabens, like the best biotin shampoo for hair loss.

Sunshine is responsible – Many people also say that sunlight has a bad effect on hair. This is not correct, just as it is not correct that sunlight in moderation can be bad for the skin. If your hair stays hydrated normally, then some hours in the sun are not bad at all.

Avoid Hats – This myth is reported to have been first propagated by Ford Motors, one of the earliest manufacturers of motor vehicles. Before cars became common, people were used to wearing tall hats, but getting on and off the open horse carriages never posed any problems. These hats, however, were difficult to wear and slide into an automobile. But whatever the source of the myth, it is completely wrong. No hat or cap can cause hair loss.

Testosterone – The male hormones are often believed to have a link with male pattern baldness. Experts believe that this thinking gained ground first in the Roman or Egyptian empires, when people saw the rich heads of hair of the eunuch soldiers. In spite of several research studies done on this, it has not yet been conclusively proved that hair loss has any direct linkage with testosterone.

Heredity – The impact of heredity on male pattern baldness is not the myth that we seek to list here. In fact, it is a proven truth that the traits of your forefathers have an impact on the instances of hair loss you have. The myth that has been widely propagated is that only a person’s mother’s side determines the extent of hair loss or baldness. This is not true, and either side’s DNA could impact a person’s hair loss tendencies.

Closing Thoughts

There are a number good products now available for both men and women. Instead of believing these myths, you should select and regularly use the best shampoo for hair loss for men or women, for those with thinning hair a topical biotin restoration spray and follicle stimulator can also improve the results of people experiencing hair loss.