Tips To Redecorate Your Office In A Budget

Clean and vibrant offices are not only aesthetic but also productive as the pleasing and functional spaces boost employee morale and performance efficiencies. 

Simply put, your employees are more likely to turn up for work every day, go about their regular jobs in a more lively and efficient manner, and willingly put in extra effort if the need arises when your office is neatly organized and has a pleasant ambiance. The influence of office layout and interior décor on employee performance is undeniable for no one really wants to work through the entire day in a dull work environment.

Office redecoration may seem an expensive affair and definitely so if you are going renovate the space, re-vamp your interior décor or buy new pieces of furniture once every couple of years. 

The expenses are justified considering the hidden benefits of a welcome and lively work environment; however, you will be able to achieve the same results even by making small improvements to the workplace without spending a fortune.

Here’s how you can spruce up your space even when on a tight budget.

Invest in Modular Furniture

Buying modular pieces of furniture that you can use for different purposes is a great way to save money otherwise spent on buying custom furniture for each specific need. Small offices can invest in stackable pieces to make the best use of the floor space as well. Similarly, height adjustable and movable desks and chairs also serve several purposes. 

Check your budget modular furniture options with your local manufacturer. Offices based in Delhi and NCR region could order furniture from any reputed office furniture manufacturer in Noida to enjoy best prices and services.

You may also want to check out sparingly used office furniture when shopping for replacements for damaged or broken chairs/desks. Minimally used furniture is often available at discounted rates from resellers. The pieces usually are in good shape and last long as well.

Add A Splash Of Color

A simple, effective yet economic option to redecorate your office space is to add a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling.  Make sure to choose the right color combination that goes well with your existing aesthetics and layout. A stark accented wall with an impressive piece of decor or a large prominent company logo is bound to draw attention.

Relevant posters and revamped notice boards too can add to the liveliness of the place. However, make sure space is still functional and not too distracting.

Ramp up the Lighting

Without any drastic changes, you could ensure that all parts of the office space are well illuminated.  A couple of ornamental lights in the reception area or at specific accent points are bound to enhance the aesthetics while also making the workspace bright and cheerful.  Rearranging the furniture to allow maximum use of natural light and ventilation will also work equally well.

Go Green

While adopting eco-friendly initiatives to make apt use of natural light and air is appreciable,  bringing nature into the office is literally bound to breathe fresh life into the otherwise closed space. Indoor plants set in aesthetically designed containers/pots not only keep the air pure but also are visually quite pleasing when compared to the stark arrangement of furniture and pictures.

Re-use / Re-purpose Existing Items

Budget décor is also about putting a lot of existing items to better use, rather than splurging on new ones, especially furniture. If you are not familiar, office furniture is built to be sturdy and last longer. It is possible to get your furniture painted or varnished every year to keep them looking spic and span. Get in touch with a local furniture manufacturer in Noida, or elsewhere to check if they can repair, customize or spruce up the pieces.

Old ceramic pieces from your office pantry such as coffee mugs can double up as pen and pencil holders and larger trays to store stationery, adding an informal touch to the place.

If you still aren’t happy with your furniture, look out for exchange offers that can get you quite a good bargain as well.

Core Space Decor

Leave your employees in charge of sprucing up their desks, which most probably they already are doing. Adding a personal touch to the work desk has its very own appeal and motivation of course only when the setting is not too distracting. While there may not be much of prime space for personal artifacts on the desk, one photo frame or a vase could add to the décor of the place. If the decorative piece is practical like an ornate stationery holder, it is all the more welcome!

Asking your staff for their suggestions before going ahead with changing the décor can bring up different interesting ideas. This gives you an idea about what your employees expect to see or experience, and also about problem points than necessary must be addressed, irrespective of the costs. 

For instance, the office chairs may be too stiff or wobbly; desks may be on their last legs and several other such issues that need serious attention as well.

The ideal approach to redecorating your office space would be to take stock of things – inventory of items, employee suggestions, budget constraints, necessary replacements, cosmetic changes, etc., before deciding the course of action. 

This could, however, be a lot easier when done in a regular and systematic manner as changes may be minor, effective and won’t disrupt your normal work in any way.

Why not consider sprucing up your office space once a year?  Time to get