In today’s age of technology and information, the website is the online representative of any business. Every brand requires an SEO friendly website to achieve business goals. A properly optimized website receives a higher rank in search engines which in turn enhances the brand’s visibility and reach.

As a result, every company strives to create a highly optimized website. The web designing market is also focusing on SEO elements while creating any website. The increasing demand for such services is giving rise to freelance web designers in Delhi and other states. 

Some companies are giving priority to in-house SEO technique in order to make their websites appealing not only for the audience but, also for Google bots. You can also be one of them by understanding the basics of SEO friendly design. SEO tactics aren’t that much easy still; you can take some initial steps to optimize your website on your own.  

Have a look at these basic fundamentals of SEO web design and development:

  1. Indexable Content:

The search engines basically use crawlers or bots to check and evaluate any website. Crawlers are programmes which systematically search through the internet for web indexing. These crawlers don’t perceive texts or images as humans do. They read the tags of images and other animations in order to comprehend them. 

The bots can identify your content’s relevance only after understanding it. So, your website’s content should be in such a format that Google crawlers can easily analyze it. You should use HTML format to make your content indexable. On the other hand, bots will ignore the non-text content such as images, Java applets, and text files if these aren’t optimized. 

Then, how to make non-text content readable for crawlers? Follow these methods:

  • Attach ALT text to each and every image of your website. Use ALT attributes in HTML for images that are in jpg, png or GIF format to provide textual information to bots.
  • Make your audio and video content noticeable by providing transcripts.
  • Assign search boxes for navigation and crawlable links. 
  • Attach Java or flash plug-ins with texts on the page.

  1. SEO Friendly URLs:

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Every site and page contains a URL which is visible in the top field of a browser. An SEO friendly website must have optimized URLs as Google bots also check these. From the homepage to every internal page, the URL structure should be descriptive and understandable for the audience and crawlers. 

To get the attention of Google’s algorithm, the URLs should contain the keywords or main phrases that indicate the topic and theme of any particular page. This will help the bots to list the content as per its niche and subject matter. Separate the words of URL with dashes or underlines to enhance the significance. 

  1. Qualitative and Crawlable Links: 

An SEO friendly website should earn links on other qualitative websites and should also contain proper links of other high-quality websites. The process of organic link building takes a long time still; these links are much more reputable than the cheaply purchased links. So, links should be organic and look like an integral part of the website to gain better ranking. 

Google wants to present only those websites to the users that contain extensive information, and additional links are a source of this information. According to the algorithm, a page having sufficient links can provide better information to the visitors so, search engines will give priority to such pages as compared to others. 

Moreover, the links should be easily crawlable so that the search engine crawlers can crawl easily in order to find of these pages. Bots need to check the pages of these links to evaluate the quality and relevance of that information. So, don’t commit the common mistake of structuring the navigation in a way that crawlers can’t access the linked pages. 

  1. Quickly Loading Web Pages:

Optimized websites load faster than other non-optimized ones. The loading speed of your website is a factor that affects the traffic on your website. Google check the satisfaction level of your customers by evaluating how much time they spend on your website. If the slow loading speed of your website will annoy the customers then, they will leave your site right away. It will ultimately affect your ranking negatively. 

So, your webpages should load faster or at an average speed. To increase their loading speed, you should use WordPress instead of flash-based websites. Such websites load faster than flash-based websites which in turn increases your traffic and ranking. Try some quick changes along with it like creating an XML sitemap. 

  1. Simple and Relevant Navigation Menus:

The navigation menu is just like a remote with the help of which your users and Google bots browse every part of your website. The simple and straight navigation menu will make it easy for your audience to reach their desired section and gather information without any hassle. It means that users will spend more time on your website if they will be able to browse through it easily. This will surely impact your search engine ranking, as along with users, crawlers can also browse efficiently through your website. 

Usually, menus are located on the top or side of the page. These locations are proven to be perfect for placing the menus. But, some brands change the location of their menus just for the sake of “being unique”. Some others add so many designing elements in menus for innovation that it ultimately confuses the users. 

Try to give only relevant and limited options on the menu to avoid confusions. If you are planning to have dropdown menus then, they should be efficient. Moreover, don’t rely solely on icons as not everyone can interpret them. Thus, always support icons with accurate text titles. 

Hence, optimize each part of your website by using these basics. Otherwise, contact freelancer web designer in Delhi for making your website SEO friendly.


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